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Patcylda Polina 9-B class
Gatchina School after K.D.Ushinskiy
Teacher Rimma Anatolievna Belyakina
Informational technologies
Our nature
Information technologies
There are many ways of how we can get
information in nowadays. Influence of
television and Internet grows up and up
every day. We also can share information
with our friends, family members and other
people by phone. Actually, mobile phones
are main type of communication.
As you can see, lots of teenagers don’t
read much, they are always busy with their
mobiles at school, at home, in transport.
Even though we usually don’t notice it,
figures play the big role in our life.
Evolution of science & technics
All the science is very important in the
world as well as in our country. Every
day people try to create something
new, they try to find out some new
decisions for our technologies.
In addition, modern technologies are
much more useful in our rhythm of
life. Actually, lots of people can’t live
without their phones or computers.
I guess, that in future there will be
even more machines then we can
There are many rivers, lakes, water basins in our country;
there are also 13 seas, which Russia borders with. The
biggest problem is pollution. Every day thousands of
factories merge their waste in the water, so it gets dirty and
poisonous. That is a great danger for the future, and we
can’t forget about it. You should also remember, that the
limit of fresh water exists.
So what can we do? Not politics, not anybody else, but you
and me, sitting here? I think, we just have to protect the
water. It isn’t hard, is it? Just turn off the tabs in your
house when you don’t really need them. Don’t throw out
empty bottles and other things to the lakes in our city park.
If we execute those simple rules, our nature feels better.
air pollution
trees & parks; modern
technologies of
traffic jams
modern decoupling
better organizing of the
police work
Health of people & demography
That is the question we Demography of Russia: 1992-2007
can’t forget. I assert,
that it is the most
important thing for our
country. Unfortunately,
Russians degenerate.
In the picture on the
right you can see, how
scary the situation is.
Problems of population
Many deaths, fewer are born. Why?
Normal condition for the new family
Public health services
Our lifestyle
Our children
Big family is best!
What do we need?
Accessible habitation
Prosperity in Russia:
myth or reality?
Healthy lifestyle
We should explain
The future of Russia is in our
hands. In our children’s hands.
More and more often we can
observe the girls saying: “I will
never have a baby!”. What a
sad phrase! Before they say
that, we should explain, how
wrong it is. Our daughters
have to know why they don’t
have to do abortions, how
awful, how cruel it is — to kill
your own child.
I mean, the future mothers
have to be warned.
Advantages & disadvantades for the big families
Dialogue & Support
Not enough money
Gather together
Help at home
Can’t control all the
Too much noise
Useful for the seniors
Russia has a rich history as well as
culture. In addition, we all speak Russian
language, and love to our country lives in
our hearts. Thus, our deal is to save the
property. We really have to protect the
monuments, churches, language. Just do
not harm them, and it will be your help.
The next generation of Russian has a
difficult task: to keep our culture and to
enrich it.
I believe, that education is as important for our country as
other things I have been speaking about.
Firstly, all the students should be patriotic. That is the main
thing they have to understand.
Secondly, everyone should have a profession, and the higher
education isn’t necessary. There is a big problem in Russia:
we have too many lawyers, but we have no people to work in
factories. I say: we don’t have to be so lazy, we don’t have to
try to get out of work.
In my opinion, tourism is one of the best
ways of getting knowledge about the world
— that’s why it is so popular in nowadays.
Certainly, this business develops, and
international attitudes develops too.
This is one more cause to learn foreign
I hope, in future it will be more easily to
come abroad.
As for me, I’d like to work somewhere in that
area, to be guide, administrator of a hotel
and etc.
So, let’s generalize: what are our goals?
To support Russian science
To protect the mother-nature
To prevent (or defeat?) the degeneration
To save the culture and the language clear
To be serious about graduation
What will you do? Won’t you do anything? Which our country is going to