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The Student
Academy and
Student Academy of the
American Academy of Physician
Assistants (SAAAPA)
Mission Statement
To foster the personal and professional
development of physician assistant
students, encourage educational
excellence and advocate for student and
professional issues.
The Student Academy will
help students to develop
their career through
leadership, involvement and
Getting involved is easy!
There are over 170
student positions
available each year!!!
Why Get Involved?
 Affect
the course of students career as a
 Build strong bonds with students and
 Strengthen your PA Program
 Teach your students important
leadership skills
 Have fun!
Where do you start?
 Begin
by organizing and registering your
student society annually
 Seek
opportunities for students to be
involved with SAAAPA and their local
You will find many opportunities will
evolve from this beginning.
Student Societies
 At least five AAPA members
 Student Society Officer Roster Form
 Student Society officers must be members
 Submit copy of bylaws (samples available)
 Election of AOR/HOD/SDCR
 Provide all materials to SAAAPA by Nov 1
Student Society Organization
 Student
 President
 Vice
 Secretary
 Treasurer
 Constituent Chapter Student Representative
 Program Representatives to the Assembly of
Representatives (AOR) and House of Delegates
 Student Diversity Committee Representative
Assembly of Representatives,
(AOR) the Core of SAAAPA
is the governing body of the Student Academy
 We recommend the AOR representative be a first year
 AOR responsibilities:
 Distribute
SAAAPA information at his/her program
 Attend the national conference
 Be a contact for SAAAPA
 Regularly monitor the SAAAPA website
House of Delegates, (HOD)
Student Representative
program’s representative to the SAAAPA
delegation of the HOD.
 Vote on and debate important issues facing
the profession.
 It is recommended that the AOR
representative serve in the HOD the
following year.
Constituent Chapter Student
Representative, CCSR
 Serve
as your program’s representative to the
professional chapter in your state
 A vital link between your program and the
state PA chapter
Student Academy Leadership
Board of Directors
Elected each year by the AOR:
Vice President
Director of Internal Affairs
Chief Delegate
APAP Student Member at Large
Director of External Affairs
Director of Diversity
Director of Online Affairs
These students are here to help. So, don’t hesitate to
contact them!!
Current Leadership Advisors
Staff Advisor
 Dedicated
to the functioning of the Student
Academy and Student Societies
 The current AAPA Staff Advisor:
Cyndi Brown
([email protected] or (703) 836-2272 X3311
Current Leadership Advisors
Graduate Advisor
appoints a Graduate Advisor to the
Student Academy Board of Directors
 A practicing PA who has experience with
students, student societies, and AAPA
policy and procedure
 Current AAPA Graduate Advisor
Cindy Lord ([email protected])
Current Leadership Advisors
Graduate Advisor
appoints a Graduate Advisor to the
Student Academy Board of Directors
 Faculty member who has experience with
student societies, the Student Academy,
and the Association of PA Programs
policies and procedures
 Currently is David Fahringer
([email protected])
More Student Academy
 Regional
 Student
Communications Chair (RCC)
Diversity Committee Chair (SDCC)
 Encourage
your students to join their regional
 Complete
details of positions at
Regional Communications Chair
 One
in each of 5 regions
 Appointed annually by the SAAAPA BOD
 Disseminates SAAAPA information
 Plans regional meetings and projects for
Truly, one of the keystone leadership positions in
each region!
Student Diversity Committee
Chair, SDCC
 One
in each of the five regions
 Appointed annually by the SAAAPA BOD
 Disseminate information to PA students
regarding diversity issues
 Assist in organizing the SDCC roundtable at
regional and annual conferences
AAPA & SAAAPA Resources
for Faculty and Students
 Current
 Student Society Handbook
 Faculty Advisor Handbook
 PACE Newsletter
 AAPA News – Student Section
 AAPA/SAAAPA Homepage
 Student Society Mentoring Program
Student Society Handbook
 Sent
every fall to the program director,
faculty advisor, and student society president
 Includes information on registration, running
a student society, fundraising ideas, available
scholarships and much more!!
 Highly recommend one copy be kept in the
PA office or at the library circulation desk so
all PA students have access to this important
Faculty Advisor Handbook
 Sent
each fall to the Faculty Advisor
 Designed to familiarize faculty with the
Student Academy
 Aids faculty in assisting student societies in
getting registered and getting involved
 Sections include:
 Organizing
your student society
 Resources for the faculty advisor
 Important national projects for student societies
 Leadership opportunities for students outside the
student society
NewsStudent Section
 Mailed
to all AAPA
 Included is a student
section with issues
that are important to
 Sent
out in Spring
and Fall
 Fall issue goes to all
PA students
 Spring issue only to
AAPA members
SAAAPA Homepage
 www.saaapa.aapa.org
 One
of the most extensive collections of
 Regular updates are posted to the website
including scholarship information,
community events, and leadership
 We highly recommend monitoring the
website monthly!
Student Society Mentoring
 Serves
to match a more experienced Student
Society with a new or inexperienced Student
 A mentoring relationship will bring support,
guidance, and assistance to a new student
society as well as provide an experienced and
active student society with the opportunity to
teach and serve the profession
 Sign up on the website or with Cyndi Brown
([email protected])
What can an active student
society do?
Create acknowledgement of your PA program from
national leaders
Generate future PA leaders
Establish a presence as a prominent and proactive PA
Ensure the success and excellence of your graduates
Provide visibility and recognition of your PA
program within the profession, within the
community, and to potential PA school applicants
PA Program Visits
 Each
SAAAPA board member visits a
school who is unfamiliar with SAAAPA
 Presentation about the benefits of
developing a student society
 If interested, please let us know!
Ways to activate your student
 Host
City Philanthropic Project
 Scholarship/Awards
 PA Day activities
 Medical Challenge Bowl
 Community and Service Activities
 Regional and National Meetings
Host City Philanthropic Project
SAAAPA Sponsored/Student Society
 Supports
a charitable organization in the host
city at the annual conference
 Helps the community
 Increases awareness of PAs
Through dedicated student societies,
SAAAPA makes a significant donation
each year.
Awards Available to Students
Outstanding Student Society Award
 SAAAPA President’s Award
 SAAAPA Constituent Organization Award
 SAAAPA AOR/HOD Travel Grants
 PA Foundation/Specialty Scholarships
 APAP President’s Scholarship Award
 Peter Nyquist Student Writing Competition
 APAP Student Writing Scholarship Awards
 AAPA Public Education Achievement Award
SAAAPA Meetings
Open the Doors of
Capitol Constituent Organization
Workshop (CCOW)
 Held
in Washington DC each fall
 Students
have the opportunity to learn about and
discuss important PA issues as well as the PA
legislative process
 Students
can visit State Senators and
Representatives on Capitol Hill with their
Constituent Chapter
AAPA Annual Conference
Integral to learning about the PA profession
Participation in the AOR/HOD
Student involvement with the PA Foundation and their
Ability to take part in workshops/courses designed for
Participation in the National Medical Challenge Bowl
Regional Meetings and
Students? Absolutely!
 Participate
in the student track that provides
topics of interest to PA students
 Play
in the Regional Medical Challenge Bowl
 Network
 Meet
for possible opportunities
the leadership of the AAPA and SAAAPA
Suggestions from current
 Create
a student society website
New since last year…
 Mentor
New since last year…
 Student
leadership positions
student representatives
Programs Committee
 Communications Committee
 Student
Society Mentoring Program
 Student Representative to the PA History
 NPCW liaison to AMSA
Make a Difference!
Get Your Students