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Introduction to OPEN
(Online Procurement for Educational Needs)
Presentation for BASE
11th September 2009
Susan Dawson
EPC Programme Director
What is OPEN?
• An online buying tool designed specifically for
schools to make the process of buying goods and
services faster, easier and simpler
• Schools can search, compare and select goods and
services online from a wide range of suppliers
nominated by schools and other public sector bodies
Why has OPEN been developed?
• The Gershon Review was written for government in
2004 outlining where key savings could be made
• Procurement was identified as a key area where
schools could save money
• The Department for Children, Schools and Families set
up an Educational Procurement Centre to help
schools save money - OPEN was one of the products
What’s in it for schools?
• It’s free
• It is compatible with their financial management systems
– so they save time
• They can compare goods and services – so they can
save money
What’s in it for me?
• A great way for more schools to buy your goods and
• Receive orders by email or directly into your back office
• One catalogue can reach thousands of buyers
• Online reporting – who’s buying what and when
• And it’s free!
What suppliers have to say…
“I like it a lot. I think it is very good. I use
other systems and OPEN is by far the best.
The electronic purchase order, eInvoicing
and catalogue system is brilliant and is
very easy to use.”
Erik Morley, IT Manager, Wightman & Parrish
Let’s take a look at the system…
Search Results
Line item further info
Start Shopping- Home Screen
Supplier Portal- Documents
Frequently Asked Questions?
• Do I have to register with each Local Authority?
No, you only have to register once.
• Can our catalogue be made available to schools in
all Local Authorities?
Yes, within the LA’s you currently trade with.
• Does joining OPEN mean that our payment process
will change?
No, they should stay the same
Frequently Asked Questions?
• We have separate pricelists dependent on
customers can we load more than one catalogue?
• As we provide bespoke products and services, can
we upload zero pricing catalogue?
How do I get involved?
Once you have been nominated to join OPEN, it’s an
easy process:
1. Register your details with us
2. We’ll set up your OPEN account and give you online
3. Upload and manage your product catalogues
4. Start trading!
(and a HelpDesk is available 24/7)
[email protected]