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Web Accessibility – Video
What is Web Accessibility
• Ensuring people of all abilities have equal access to web content
• Disability Discrimination Act – Web Access Advisory notes 2010
• Required by law (2006) in the USA
• Required for Government Websites in Australia by end of 2014
• Important for good web practice, SEO, and equal access
Web Accessibility National
Transition Strategy for
Government Websites
• A policy of the Department of Finance for all Government Websites
• Mandates conformance with WCAG 2.0 AA standard by 31 Dec 2014
• The what?... Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.0, level AA
Video Captioning
• To be accessible a video must be captioned or have a transcript
available in an accessible format
• Captions must not be “burnt in” to the video, but be available using a
closed captioning service, such as provided by YouTube.
• YouTube can help with this!!
Upload to YouTube
Edit Video
Edit Automatic Captions Track
Alternatively – Export Autocaptions
Edit Captions in any text editor
Edited text is uploaded
Alternatives to YouTube
Red Bee Media
• $15 per minute, minimum cost of $225
• Example: 60min video - $900
Other captioning providers – see list at Media Access Australia
• Live captioning and transcription services also available
• Web Services Unit:
• Google “WCAG 2.0” or “Web Accessibility Checklist”
Web Accessibility