Final Portfolio Project

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Final Portfolio Project
Edwing Llangari
• 6.6 (information request)
– My assignment
• 7.4 (refusal)
– My assignment
• 8.5 (persuasive)
– My assignment
Assignment 6.6
• Write a information request to Ms Isabella
Cervantes, at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
To include information on:
– 4 day combination conference/vacation/retreat.
– Accommodate 85 engineers, product managers, and
marketing staff.
– Room rates for 80 rooms, 3 conference rooms(for 25
or more each), banquet room for125 people.
– Room rates, conference facilities, entertainment
• Possible date: April 20-24, or July 10-14
– Ask for response by December 3
November 15, 2010
Ms. Isabella Cervantes
Convention Services
Caesars Palace Las Vegas
257 Palace Drive
Las Vegas, NV 87551
Dear Ms. Cervantes,
Can the Caesars Palace Las Vegas provide a combination of conference meetings, vacations, retreats, and rooms for 85 people
either on April 20-24 or July 10-14?
We are planning to hold our next company-wide meeting at your resort. I have looked at you web-site and have found a lot of
interesting information. Your resort is the ideal place for our company,, to hold the next meeting at. We are planning
to have the meetings either on April 20-24 or July 10-14. Now we realize that one of these dates is between off-peak times, I was
wondering if there were any good room rates during those days. If so please send me information about those rooms. We are
planning for the following accommodations, and we need information on the following:
-Approximately 80 rooms
-Three conference rooms to accommodate 25 people each for 1½ days
-Room rates
-What Entertainment options do you have for families?
-How big are your conference facilities?
-Is there a banquet room that could accommodate 130 people?
Please answer these questions; they are very important in planning for our next meeting. I need a response with information by
December 1 because our planning committee will be meeting two days later. I need the information to start planning the big
meeting the following year.
Thank you
Edwing Llangari
Planning Committee
Assignment 7.4
• Write a e-mail request refusal, you are the
– Two staff members have asked you to copy the latest
version of Adobe Photoshop. Explain why you cant do
this, Include:
• It’s a licensed program protected by law, against job policies,
and legal law.
• Software companies would go out of business
• You wouldn’t mind showing them how to use it, but not
• Write to and
[email protected]
To: [email protected] and [email protected]
From: Edwing Llangari [email protected]
Subject: Re: Software Request
Robert and Jose,
As you know, the software Adobe Photoshop is the program used by all of our staff members. It is
a very expensive licensed program. This means that the program is protected by the law. It is
against the law to make copies of the program for any reason. Reprographics Department is a
company that does not, and will not violate any laws. For this reason and many more, I am sorry
to say that I cannot authorize your request.
Software companies make their money by selling their product to customers such as ourselves.
Their companies would go out of business if people burned their programs all the time. The law
also makes it illegal to make copies of programs, and selling them.
Our software can be installed in up to five computers here at the office, and I am more than happy
in showing people how the department uses the software. If you need to use the program don’t
hesitate to ask and I will set up an appropriate time for you to use the software here at the office. I
look forward to helping you!
Thank you for understanding.
Edwing Llangari
Assignment 8.5
• You are the program Chairman for the
Associated student Organization at the
University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
– Your task:
• Write a persuasive letter to Suze Orman to take part as
the keynote speaker at the special graduation
• Include: $1000 as honorarium
• Include why Orman should come, how would it benefit
• Mention something positive about her promotion for
her new book The Money Book for the Young.
• Date is May 26, Ask for a response as soon as possible.
Ms. Suze Orman
P.O Box 4502
New York, NY 10014
Dear Ms. Orman,
It is an honor to be writing to a well known financial celebrity as yourself. Your work and accomplishments have really inspired my
students. Your latest book, The money book for the young, fabulous and broke, will be another success among many college
students and people in general. We admire your work.
Ms. Orman, I understand you have many years of experience and expertise in the field. You have worked very hard to get to where
you are. I am the Program Chair of the Associated Student Organization at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I believe my
students are not ready to go out into the real world to make financial decisions. They have spent many hours in classrooms,
reading books, and writing papers. However there is one thing that books can’t do, and that is to actually help them make good
financial decisions. I also understand that one has to work his or her way to get to where you are at. However, most students who
graduate are not ready for the real world. Students spend many hours in classrooms, reading books, and writing papers. One thing
a book can’t teach them though is how to make real life financial decisions.
Through the years the students will gain experience and more knowledge in the field and will learn how to make good decisions.
They will work their way up to become good, experts in their field such as yourself. One thing I believe that can give them a head
start into their careers would be to listen to a great financial speaker. They will gain knowledge of what to expect and how to start.
On behalf of the Associated Student Organization at the University of Nevada, I would like to invite you to be the keynote guest
speaker at special graduation convocation. The graduation date is May 26. As special thanks we would also be giving you $1,000
as an honorarium. The students would love to hear from someone with great knowledge like you before they head out into the
To help you with the organization of your speech, the speech is to be not very long. What we are most interested in is you
informing our students of what to expect when they go out to their jobs. Enclosed with this letter I have attached a list of a few
things that I would like to be covered.
We are really looking forward to hearing from you, and hope you will accept this invitation. We would like to hear from you by
May 1, so we can start making arrangements. We look forward to hearing from you!
Edwing Llangari
Program Chair, ASO
This was my final project!