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Displayed on the next slide is an example of an Information Request letter that I’ve written.

The purpose of this request letter is to acquire more information on the cost and available capacity for a company wide meeting at a resort location.

S o f t w a r e . c o m

658 Cedar Street, Fifth Floor Ph: 651-222-5555 Saint Paul, MN 55155 Fax: 651 -222-5678 October 30, 2009 Ms. Isabella Cervantes, Manager Convention Services Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas 257 Palace Drive Las Vegas, NV 87551 Dear Ms. Cervantes: Can Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas provide rooms and accommodations for about 125 employees of, and their families, from April 20 through April 24 or July 10 through July 14? Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas came highly recommended for its size and entertainment facilities. We are planning a conference and vacation retreat and are looking for information about pricing and room availability. Will you please answer the following questions, as well?  Is there a banquet room that can seat up to 125 people?    Does the hotel have three conference rooms that will each fit 25 or more people? What type of family entertainment options do you have? Do you have a special rate for off-peak periods? Your answers to these questions will help us decide when and where to hold our conference. A response before December 3 is appreciated, since that is the deadline for making our decision. Sincerely yours, Jeff Pearson Marketing Manager JBP

Displayed on the next slide is an example of a Request Refusal letter that I’ve written.

The purpose of this letter is to respectfully and tactfully refuse the request of two employees who want a copy of an expensive software program.


[email protected]

; [email protected]


Jeff Pearson


Adobe Photoshop Request

Cc: Attached:

Robert and Jose, Thank you both for asking me for a copy of the updated version of Adobe Photoshop first. I am glad to hear we have such conscientious employees here. Your eagerness to expand your knowledge by learning new software programs is a great asset to this company. As both of you know, new software is expensive. With that being the case, our license with Adobe only covers up to five people on a network server. Unfortunately, any use outside of what is stated in the contract would be a breach of that contract, and it would also be against the law. If you have time in your day to come and see us, the Reprographics Department will be showing people how we use the new software. Let me know when you’re available, and I will set up a demonstration. Sincerely, Jeff Jeff Pearson Manager, Reprographics Department E-mail: [email protected]

Office: (612) 123-4567 Cell: (651) 891-0112

Displayed on the next slide is an example of a Persuasive Favor/Action Request letter that I’ve written.

The purpose of this request letter is to persuade a well known money expert to be the keynote speaker at a college graduation ceremony.

Associated Student Organization

UNLV 4505 S. Maryland Parkway Ph: 702-222-5555 Las Vegas, NV 89154 Fax: 702-222-5678 November 28, 2009 Ms. Suze Orman P.O Box 4502 New York, NY 10014 Dear Ms. Orman: As referenced in the title of your new book,

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke

, young people have lackluster abilities when it comes to managing their finances. This lack of personal financial management is part of a gaping hole in the American education system, and it’s why we see you as a valuable beacon of knowledge in the world of money matters. Today’s students can stay up for hours and write papers about anything from Magellan to Madonna. They have been taught background information on any number of subjects, even financially relevant subjects such as accounting and business. Students today have been prepared for every facet of their lives except how to manage their own money; a subject for which you are world renown. The Associated Student Organization at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has suggested inviting you to be the keynote speaker at a special graduation convocation on May 26. We can only offer you a small honorarium of $1,000; however, you are free to promote your new book wherever you see fit. Additionally, we will promote your book ahead of your possible arrival. Your expertise in financial management will be a priceless tool that our students can use throughout their lives. Although it is a formal graduation ceremony, you are free to make your speech any length you would like. Any bit of knowledge that you can share will certainly be useful to our graduating students. Will you be able to share your financial expertise with us on May 26 th ? Call me at (702) 222-5555 or e-mail me at [email protected]

before April 1 to let me know. Sincerely, Jeff Pearson, Program Chair Associated Student Organization University of Nevada, Las Vegas