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WIMS 7 – What’s New
 Compliance Engine
 Action History
 Multi-Sheet Spread Reports
 And much more
 Free for users on support!
Compliance Engine
The Compliance Engine scans your
database for regulatory violations and QC
Flags. Creates a record in the event table
making reporting, triggers, etc… much
easier to deal with.
Compliance Engine
Setup your limits
Uses you existing
limits and Quality
Control Settings
Compliance Engine
Scans the database
and creates record
in the events table
Action History
WIMS now
• Lab Cal
•Form and
report design
New Help System
The help system has been
completely rewritten. Additional
content has been added to the help
system including Report Templates
and the new “How to” videos.
OPS TV (also on our web site)
features a live screen with voice
over explaining how to
accomplish specific tasks. Not
only is this an easier way to get
the information you need, but it
makes for a great training tool for
your employees.
Overview: http://www.opssys.com/instantkb/article.aspx?id=10483&cNode=7P6I7J
Videos: http://www.opssys.com/instantkb/?cNode=1A2P7Q&pNodes=7P6I7J:5N2W3B:0T2S5A
Multi Sheet Spread Reports
Organize reports, use improved print
Dashboard Gauges
Gauges can be added to reports to
visually display values and status:.
Additional Info fields
Added to Facility, VarDesc, Spread reports…
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