December Leadership Call

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Transcript December Leadership Call

December Leadership Call

December 13, 2011

Conference Call Information

• • • • 1-888-757-2790 Pass Code: 754794# *6 mutes your phone *6 again to join in with a comment or question

Roles & Functions

Local & State form has been updated for 2012 • Features hyperlinks to helpful policies, resources, and information • Self reported data prioritizes outreach efforts and resource development for 2012 • Report submission information will be sent in Late


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Direct Deposit

Completed one penny test with 26 Affiliates  Sent those Affiliates payments by electronic transfer late last week Completing penny test to second batch of Affiliates  Plan to send payment by next week To complete this work and direct deposit, we need deposit slip or voided check as documentation. We are gathering the information in batches and completing IT update at the same time.

Orientation Modules

• Under review by selected Affiliate leaders • NAEYC website upgrade scheduled for January 24, 2012 • Available upon request via DVD or Drop Box


• Annualized Membership Development Plan ▫ Lapsed and expired members (December 31 st ) ▫ Continued outreach to expired members (post 90 days) ▫ The Conference “Bump”


National Membership Strategies ▫ Converting Regular Members to Comprehensive ▫ Referral Program ▫ Faculty Outreach ▫ Friends of NAEYC • Co-Branding with Connecticut


• Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 3:00 PM Eastern ▫ New call series designed for membership chairs, Affiliate staff, and presidents ▫ Bi-monthly beginning in January 2012    Current membership trend reports Updates on outreach efforts Affiliate success stories


• Change in Member Benefits ▫ Letter to members in November YC, e-News ▫ Five issues of TYC/YC ▫ New enhanced Member area on NAEYC website

Changes in Member Benefits

• • Required updates of Affiliate membership materials • • Affiliate web sites Online Affiliate unique membership applications • NAEYC’s website already has posted an updated application Join Us Brochure (insert only) Affiliate hard copy membership brochures

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Affiliate Council Update

Remarks from Chair, Betsy Carlin • New Region Representatives Mike Abel (MO), Mike Fahey (HA), Lisa Cordle (ID), Toni Cacace-Beshears (VA), and Marie Enochty (MA) – Congratulations!!!

Work group to explore new meeting format Next National Dialogue meeting moved to Friday, June 8 th AC working session on Saturday, June 9 th to 12:00 PM from 8:00 AM

National Dialogue Update

• • Second ND hosted in Orlando on November 2,2011 Organized around two overarching tasks • Fusing information/insights from previous dialogues • Paving the way for the last half of Phase 2

National Dialogue

• • Accomplishments ▫ Raw transcripts posted online ▫ Approved Evaluative Lenses and Decision Making Criteria (AC and NAEYC GB) Current work ▫ Regional Meetings ▫ Save the Date ▫ Resources – Affiliate Users Guide, 101 Guide, newsletter article and website links

2012 Regional Meetings

San Antonio, TX


San Francisco, CA


Los Angeles, CA


Tacoma, WA


Chicago, IL

Late March

Kansas City, MO


Spearfish, SD


Denver, CO


Washington, DC

Late April

National Dialogue

• Phase III ▫ At the conclusion of Phase II in June, 2012, the Affiliate Council will prepare recommendations for consideration by the NAEYC Governing Board

NAEYC Press Release

NAEYC's Developing Kindergarten Readiness and Other Large-Scale Assessment Systems: Necessary Conditions in the Assessment of Young Children • A report on the development and implementation of kindergarten readiness assessment.

Access online: