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Department of Obstetrics &
Do You Experience
Pain During Sex?
You may benefit from
our women’s pain
relief program
Approximately 15% of women in North America
experience painful intercourse. For many, this leads to
emotional distress, physical suffering, and relationship
difficulties. Learn how to relieve pain and improve sexual
functioning within a supportive group environment.
Our cognitive-behavioral pain
relief program is led by Dr. Natalie
Rosen, Clinical Psychologist who
specializes in female sexual
This program aims to reduce pain
and improve sexual functioning in
women through the use of
psychological pain relief strategies
and exercises.
The program consists of 8-10 1.5hour sessions in groups of
approximately 8-10 women.
For information on fees, start date
and location, please contact Janet
Slaunwhite, 470-6464,
[email protected]
Sessions include:
Education about conditions that
cause painful intercourse (e.g.
vestibulodynia, vulvodynia,
Tools to reduce pain and its
negative impact on your life
Material to facilitate the
experience of sexual desire and
Exercises in session and at home
Skills training on communication
with partner
Help with restoring sexual
pleasure and intimacy