Male Sexual Dysfunction

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Male Sexual Dysfunction:
An overview
Male sexual dysfunction : Magnitude
of the issue
• The male sexual problems is a very eclectic issue globally and
more common than people realize.
• It affect around 7% of the young population in the 20 to 40 age
group, and it could become 40% for the over the 60s.
Sexual issues in males
There are two main sexual problems are very common which
• Erectile dysfunction (impotence)
• Premature ejaculation
Erectile Dysfunction (impotence)
• Situation where a man fails to achieve or maintain a hard
erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse.
• 1 in 2 men above the age of 40 and 1 in 4 men below the age
of 40 suffer from this issue
Causes of ED
Causes of ED include-
• Heart disease including high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels
• Diabetes
• Damage from cancer or surgery
• Injuries
• Obesity or being overweight
• Advancing age
• Stress, anxiety and / or relationship problems
• Drug use
• Alcohol consumption and smoking
Treatment strategies for ED
• Lifestyle changes
• Counseling
• Oral anti-ED medicines (PDE 5 inhibitors)
• Hormone treatment
• Alternative medicines
Premature ejaculation
• A common ejaculation difficulty when a male ejaculates too
quickly or is not able to hold the ejaculation for long period of
time during a sexual intercourse.
• If this condition is persistent it is called premature ejaculation
which needs treatment.
Causes of Premature Ejaculation
Many psychological and physical factors can contributePhysical causes include• Prostate problems
• A hyperactive or underactive thyroid gland
• Use of recreational drugs
Psychological causes include-
• Depression
• Stress
• Relationship problems
• Anxiety about sexual performance
Causes of PE since puberty• A disturbing sexual experience in childhood or adolescence
• A severe upbringing and beliefs about sex
• Biological reasons (extra sensitive penis
Treating premature ejaculation
• Behavioral techniques
• Pelvic floor exercises
• Condoms
• Topical Anesthetics
• Oral medications
• Counseling
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