Body Mechanics - Dr. Robert Jordan

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Bell Work Abbreviations
1. amb 3. ANA 5. AP 7. aq or aqua 9. ART 11. as tol 13. ASAP -
2. amt 4. ant 6. approx 8. ARC 10. AS 12. ASA -
Body Mechanics
Standard 6.0 TSW analyze the existing
and potential hazards to clients, coworkers, and self and will prevent injury or
illness through safe work and infection
control practices.
Objective 6.2 Apply principles of body
mechanics, including proper lifting
techniques, positioning, moving and
Body mechanics
Body mechanics is
the coordination of
body alignment,
balance, and
Body alignment
Refers to correct
positioning of
head, back and
Position of body
parts in relation
to each other
The ability to move
The ability to
maintain a steady
position that does
not tip.
Body support
A device used to support
body at work to reduce
damage when lifting,
moving and transferring
patients for their own
Techniques to employ
Use stronger, larger
muscles to perform
tasks which require
physical effort
When moving a
heavy object,
try to push or
pull instead of
lifting the item
Proper Lifting Tips
Tighten stomach muscles and tuck pelvis to keep
your back in balance
Bending at your knees centers your balance &
distributes weight.
Hold object lifted as close to your body as
Gradually straighten to standing position.
The End
Review Questions…
Reflection Questions
1. Postural Supports are used for what
main reason? ____________________
2. Gravity is defined as: _____________
3. In your own words, describe to someone
else how to proper lift according to the
rules and tips we have discussed so far.