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Industrial Communications:
enabling the Smart Grid
ICSG Istanbul 2014
The MDS Orbit Platform
Superior Reliability
• Ruggedized die-cast aluminum
enclosure provides enhanced
thermal dissipation for extended
Comprehensive Security
• Industry leading, standardsbased security controls
providing authentication,
integrity, and confidentiality
through strong cryptographic
Multiple communication
• Designed to support global
private and public
communication networks
enabling hybrid wireless
Powerful Networking
• Adaptable to different network
designs and topologies by
providing bridging, routing,
firewall and VLAN capabilities
lowering cost of network
installation and maintenance
Flexible Interface Combinations
• Multiple interface options
(Ethernet, serial) provides
flexibility to match specific
application needs and
Advanced System
• Quality of Service (QoS)
through traffic prioritization
minimizes latency and
provides deterministic
application performance
The Smart Grid is our business
The world’s critical networks need fast
and reliable communications
Our communications
products manage
critical fiber optic,
microwave radio, and
leased line
Oil & Gas
Our communications
solutions, reliable wide
area wireless networks
bring monitoring and
control within reach.
Reservoirs, dams,
and treatment
facilities are now
linked with highspeed wireless
backbones and
managed with data
Lentronics and MDS
products deliver
networking solutions
for security & video
systems, intelligent
highways, rail train
control and SCADA
There are high level models and trends but
the best result is achieved through analysis
and adaptation
Trends . . .
• Increasing Bandwidth, Decreasing Latencies
• Higher Levels of Integration & Standardization
• Exponential Growth in System Scale
• Increasing Regulation for Cyber Security
• Centrally Managed/Distributed Intelligence
May 24, 2012 / 5
Building the correct communications
infrastructure is critical and complex.
It is crucial to leverage both specific
Industrial, ICT and Finance experience
and competencies
The complexity of the data transport
network in the Energy Sector, the
Industrial Communications, is based
on a matrix that must be taken into
• existing telecommunications’
infrastructure availability
• specific industry requirements
(e.g. IEC 61850 in the electrical
• Reliability
• Costs
• Benefits
J Geiger
- July 18, 2015