San Buenaventura

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Transcript San Buenaventura

San Buenaventura
Mekenna S.
Who founded the mission?
• Father Junipero Serra
When was it founded?
• March 31,1782
Where was it located?
• East of us. On
highway 101 in the
city of Ventura.
This one was the ninth mission.
What do I think about the mission?
• I think it is interesting because in 1836 most of
the mission were sold to private settlers.
List any special or unique qualities
that this mission has.
• The Indians planted
wheat and corn. They
also planted
vineyards, cattle and
Was the mission ever damaged?
Was it fixed?
• The earthquakes in
1812 and 1890
severely damaged the
church. The church
was restored in 1957
and it was just like it
was last time.
Who lived at the mission? What
Indians tribe lived at this mission?
• The Indians lived in
the mission. And the
type of tribe was the
Chumash tribe.
What was the daily life like on the
• There were 1328
Indians living at the
campground. And
they learned trades
and the women
leaned how to make
baskets, and cook,
Did the Native Americans like their
lives at the mission?
• The Chumash Indians
were happy to live at
the mission. In 1816
the mission had 1320