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University Library
Fall 2010 Faculty Retreat
Retreat Goals
• Develop guiding principles
for FY 11 budget decisions
• Gather feedback for FY 12
strategic planning process
Campus Review
• Campus approach to strategic planning
• Tactical goals for campus
• How other units on campus are
conducting strategic planning
• Campus directions and areas of
Current priorities and
strategic investments
• University Library Strategic Plan
(May 2006, linked from Library Staff website)
• New Service Models
Reasonably scoped goals from our
previous strategic plan
• Develop a robust assessment culture
• Organize the Library’s research
capabilities, content, expertise, and
services into the Center for Health
Information Support
• Develop and deliver a scholarly
communication initiative
Vague/overly broad goals from previous
strategic plan
• Collect materials in all formats
• Improve facilities
Current priorities and investments
(NSM program)
• Increase intellectual access and control of
• Develop new service spaces and
programs to meet observed changes in
teaching and learning
• Develop new services combining
technology and library expertise
Scoping Goals
Meaningful goals are:
Don’t apply to everything we do
Connect to measurable/defined campus needs
Examples from other Institutions
“the future mission central needs for the NCSU
Libraries are in digital media (and the
management of them, we are starting to talk
about digital asset management again), the
opening of the Hunt Library, connecting
with stakeholders (faculty and donors right
now), and digital scholarship.”
Examples from other Institutions
Penn State:
• Accelerating the Transition to a Digital
• The Knowledge Commons at University
• Cyberinfrastructure, e-Content, and Data
Round Table Topics
Faculty/Staff hiring
Allocation and management of collections
Developing proposals for the Library/IT fee
Allocating operational resources
Round Table Ground Rules
• This is brainstorming: evaluate scope of ideas,
but don’t eliminate ideas
• Discussions have to result in articulated
principles that enable decision makers to make
choices between two otherwise equal options.
• Everyone rotates with your group to each table
Report Outs
Follow Up
• Faculty will have a chance to rank
priorities post-retreat
• Priorities will be used in the budget
decision making processes for FY2012
FY 11 Budget Process
Jan 2011: Draft Library IT Fee Proposal
Feb-Mar 2011: GA Allocation Plan
Mar-Apr 2011: Budget Presentation to Campus
Mid Spring 2011: Faculty Hiring Plan Review
Early Summer 2011: Student Wage Budget
FY 12 Strategic Planning Process
Develop plan by June 2011
Opportunities for faculty