MSc in Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines Control 2004-05

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Transcript MSc in Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines Control 2004-05

Universities and Communities: developing
relationships locally, nationally and
Margaret Alipoor
School of Management
University of Bradford
From WP to Employability
“the likelihood of those from lowest participation
areas participating in HE had increased by 30%
over the last 5 years and by 50% over the last 15
years” (HEFCE 2013)
There is still a huge gap between most and least
advantaged (57% compared with 19%, HEFCE
Graduate employment rates still favour more
advantaged groups
University of Bradford
Over 50% of current students fall into widening participation
Now a shift to include a focus on Employability
What does this mean?
Careers education, focus on employer
embedding employability in the curriculum
Embedding Employability Skills
Real world examples and case studies
Guest Lectures
Discipline and Personal Skills development
Employer engagement in course planning and
Developing Reciprocal
Relevant work experience-placements,internships,
Responding to employers – sharing expertise,
developing courses
More than Advisory Groups and governance role
University of Bradford
Employer Engagement
• Professional Networks
• Bespoke Programmes
• Employer involvement in Curriculum
• Third Sector Support
Value for University and
Communities 1
• Students – occupational informed
curriculum, opportunities to enhance cv,
build relationships with employers locally,
nationally and globally, opportunities to
study and work worldwide
Value for Universities and
Communities 2
Communities – to influence the curriculum
and skills of their future employees, to gain
advice and consultancy from academics and
students, to identify potential future
Developing Relationships
Global Campus
• Degree programmes delivered in locations
across the globe
• Quality Assured
• Partnership of Academics in development
and delivery
• Student Interactions
What Next?
• Through partnership with communities
locally, nationally and internationally
supporting ethical and sustainable
development to achieve economic
• “Making Knowledge Work”