Intern Management System - KY: Education Professional

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Intern Management System
Confirmation of Employment
Teacher Educator Assignment
Resource Teacher Timesheet
Record of Teacher Internship Year
New Features
• Teacher Educator Assignment
– COEs will be sent electronically to Regional Coordinators who
will make Teacher Educator assignments online
• End of Year Report changed to Record of Teacher
Internship Year
• Digital Signatures
– Electronic sign-offs for RTT and RTIY
– No paper should be sent to EPSB
• Online Payments
– Interns will make electronic payments for full certification upon
successful completion of an internship
• COE – District KTIP Coordinator
• TEA – Regional Coordinators
– Resource Teachers create timesheets
– Interns and Principals sign-off on timesheets
– District KTIP Coordinators review and submit timesheets to EPSB
Principals create reports
Interns, RTs and TEs sign-off on reports
Interns submit online payment to EPSB
District KTIP Coordinators review all reports and submit Final Report to
• All users MUST have a username and password to access the
• Contact your district Web Application Administrator Point of Contact
(WAAPOC) for assistance with usernames and passwords
• Users can register from the EPSB login page (Go to and click on Intern Management System).
• Click on the link reading “Need a login? Click Here.”
– This takes the user to the KDE self-registration website.
• Enter all information requested
– Make note of the password chosen during the process and the
username generated at the end of the process.
– For problems with the KDE self-registration website, contact the KETS
Help Desk at (866) 538-7435.
– If the system tells you that you already have a user ID, contact your
Web Application Administrator Point of Contact (WAAPOC) for
• Do not log in via the username and password on the KDE website.
Return to the EPSB login page to log into the Intern Management
• COE data creates an internship – TEAs, RTTs and
RTIYs can only be created if a COE has been created
and the committee members assigned.
• User roles:
– Principals (Vice, Asst., etc.) must have an active role. Contact
Michelle Sutherland at KDE (502-564-5279) to update the
principal role or have your district staff use the District Role
Manager application to assign the role in the EPSB database
immediately. Roles updated by KDE will not be added to the
EPSB database until the next day.
– Principals, RTs and TEs must be KTIP trained. Contact KTIP
staff at 888-598-7667 for training updates.
Piloting & Go Live
• Piloting will begin mid-July
– Volunteers for pilot districts needed!
• Go Live is planned for August 2
• Links and availability information will be
emailed just prior to Go Live
• Don’t wait for Go Live to get users setup
with usernames and passwords!