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Education Professional Standards Board
My Profile
My Profile
The My Profile application is available to all active
users and enables them to;
Maintain account information
• View current and historical information retained by EPSB
EPSB Home Page
• Login via the EPSB website
• Click ‘My Profile’ to access the application’s Home Page
Contact Info
Demographic information may be updated via the Contact Info screen
1. To change your first
name, contact the EPSB
Division of Certification at
2. Your Email address is
used by EPSB to send
correspondence and
program information. It
is also necessary for the
Password Recovery
3. Your Current address is
needed by EPSB to mail
correspondence such as
your certificate, requests
for information,
payments, etc.
Your password may be changed via the Password screen
Enter and retype your
New Password, click the
‘Reset Password’ button
You will receive a
confirmation Email each
time your password is
Hint Q & A
The Hint Q&A screen allows you to verify hint questions and
answers you have provided.
Hint Questions and
Answers are first
generated during your
account creation and can
be changed here by you
by clicking on edit link.
Hint Q & A
The Hint Q&A Update screen allows you to
change hint questions and answers.
Lists your certifications recognized by the EPSB
Division of Certification
Education Data
Lists your education history as reported to the
EPSB Division of Certification
Training Data
Lists your completed training information as
reported to the EPSB
Professional Tests
Lists your assessment results as reported to the EPSB
Lists payments received and/or refunds processed
on your behalf by the EPSB Division of Certification
• Lists the roles assigned to you at the EPSB
• Roles determine your level of access to EPSB
Application Status
Lists the status of your application(s) submitted to
the Division of Certification
Application Status
Clicking on an
Application will
display details
items needed
and/or received
User Agreement
View, save and/or print the most current User
Agreement you have signed with the EPSB
Help and Application Support
Login and Online Help
 EPSB website
 Create an EPSB Login
 Send an Email to the EPSB Helpdesk
[email protected]
 Online help from EPSB