Rohr-ing into the Future in Eugene

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Transcript Rohr-ing into the Future in Eugene

Rohr-ing into the Future in Eugene Welcome!

Troy Tolle Edie Haynes Doug Murr David Cagle Chad Boles

Introduction • Fifth largest metropolitan area • Quality life is high priority • Unmatched living • Fit for business • Perfect mix of economy, community and recreation

Economy • •

Finance Programs

– Industrial Revenue Bonds – Oregon Business Development Fund – Cascades West Revolving Loan Fund

Tax Incentives

– Enterprise Zone – New Construction Exemption – Tax Credits

Employment • Lessening dependence on wood products • Increasing non-lumber mfg. employment • Diversity in manufacturing • Trade and services

Community • University of Oregon • Lane Community College • Highest level of education on West Coast

Community • High paying jobs • Low wage scale • Attractive labor force

Community • Health Care • Housing • Workforce Incentive Programs

Sports and Leisure • Urban leisure activities • Competitive sporting events • Outdoor recreation

Weather Data • Summers are warm and dry • Winters are cool • Average precipitation

Conclusion • Outstanding Economy • Employment Opportunity • Family Oriented Atmosphere • Welcome to Eugene