JFK`s Moon Speech - AP English Language and Composition

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Transcript JFK`s Moon Speech - AP English Language and Composition

Michael Howard
• John F. Kennedy (1917- 1963)
• 35th President of the United States.
• The speech was given on September 12, 1962
• JFK gave the speech because he felt the need
to speak about the space program and the
advancements that have been made.
• “Within the last 19 months 45 satellites have
circled the Earth. Some 40 of them were made
in the United States of America.”
• The audience was the president and vice
president of the college, the Governor of Texas,
senators and congressmen from Texas, and
many other people who wanted to see the
president speak.
• The purpose of JFK giving this speech was to
explain to the public what was going on in
American History.
• JFK explains how advanced and complex the
United States has become in the last 60 years.
From planes, to automobiles, and now space
• The subject of this speech was ultimately the
space program.
• John F. Kennedy tells the goals and initiatives of
To put a man on the moon!
• The tone of this speech was very uplifting and
• John F. Kennedy states all of the major
achievements that the United States has made
within the last half a century.
• Ethos: John F. Kennedy claims automatic ethos
since he is the president of the United States.
• Pathos: John F. Kennedy evokes the sense of the
American spirit and the American Dream.
• Logos: JFK uses logos by stating facts about the
space program and showing how much it has
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuW4oGKzVKc
• JFK renews America’s hope and trust in the U.S.
Space program due to the speech given at Rice