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Encourage innovation and stimulate ideas
Held at the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship and High-Tech Management
Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
• A unique concept aiming to provide a platform
to encourage innovation & to stimulate ideas
• Brought to Israel by Dr. Yossi Vardi
• The issues addressed were raised by the
participants, who took an active part in running
both the preparations and the event
• 100 of the 1000 participants took an active role
in the event:
– lectured
– presented
– in-charge of an issue throughout the event
• Networking and interaction between the
participants were enhanced
• Promote innovation and creativity in the
fields of entrepreneurship and Hi-Tech.
– Creative thinking
– Test innovative notions
– Receive feedback, and to inspire cooperation.
• The openness, informality, and
spontaneous schedule, not to mention
the creative participants, are expected to
contribute to the event's success.
• Part of the Board of Governors events.
Innovation 2010
Entrepreneurs (200)
Students (600)
Researchers from BGU and other academic institutes
Representatives from
– Local municipalities in the area,
– Organizations supporting entrepreneurship and the
high-tech industry
– Large leading companies (IBM, Intel, IAI etc.)
• Teenagers taking part in projects aimed at advancing
technology and many others.
The lectures and short workshops
• 44 lectures and short workshops
• Every 30 min. a new set of lectures (both in English
and in Hebrew)
• participants could choose which to attend.
The Dark Web
The Buying Brain
When to Apply for a Patent – case
Financial Social Networks
Sustainable Entrepreneur Social Responsibility – tools to get
out of the danger zone
The Location Based Cloud and The Remote Viral Marketing in the
Games and Toys
Age of Social Networks
Robosapiens – from man to robot
Mobile Enterprise – the Patents and Other Myths
next big thing
What have we learnt from our discussions Happiness Through
Innovation – challenges for
with the atoms? From future technology Technology
tomorrow's teams
How to Open a Small Business – including Billion Dollar Idea
Robotics – past and present
government assistance and support
Ms. Shelly K. Porges
Senior Advisor/Franklin Fellow
Global Women's Business Initiative,
Office of Commercial and Business Affairs
Bureau of Economic, Energy and Business Affairs,USA
Mr. Paul Bloom
CTO Telecom Research at IBM
water-recycling systems
security systems
sophisticated cameras
rehabilitation devices etc.
Some of the exhibits were displayed for the first time and
participants were able to experience operating them.
• 700 members
• All invited to send tips to
the entrepreneurs
• on the basis of these tips
a booklet called “Tips
from the social network
to the entrepreneurs”
• This book distributed
between event
Create an innovative and
entrepreneurial eco-system