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Status Update
Monday December 19, 2011
City is one of 17 nationwide receiving new HUD Choice
Neighborhoods Planning Grants
The U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today
announced that the San Antonio Housing Authority is
among 17 communities nationwide that have been awarded
planning grants through the Department's new Choice
Neighborhoods Initiative. A consortium of San Antonio
organizations, led by the San Antonio Housing Authority,
(SAHA) will use its two-year $250,000 grant to help
transform the Wheatley Courts area into a new viable and
sustainable mixed-income neighborhood.
HUD’s new Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI)
promotes a comprehensive approach to transforming
distressed areas of concentrated poverty by linking
housing improvements with a wider variety of public
services including schools, public transit and
employment opportunities.
To have a thoughtful inclusive community building
process that leads to a transformation strategy that
ultimately results in a community of “choice”. A
community enriched with quality housing, education,
entertainment, employment, health and growth
opportunities. A community whose assets are “owned”
and “managed” by its residents long after Choice is
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Contact Us:
Lorraine Robles–Asst. Director 210-477-6455
Arrie B. Porter- CNI Prog. Manager 210-477-6489