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Assisted Housing Tenant Data
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office of Policy Development and Research
Data from HUD’s Administrative Systems
Data on participants of three HUD rental subsidy programs
• Public Housing
• Housing Choice Vouchers
• Section 8 and other project-based assistance
Data from HUD’s Administrative Systems
Data collection is done through MTCS (PIC) & TRACS
• Types of data collected
• Administrative uses of the data
• Policy and budget uses of the data
• Research uses of the data
Data from HUD’s Administrative Systems
Description of data, and data quality issues
• Means of data collection; frequency
• Use of front-end edits
• Large number of vendors and providers of data
• Data completeness
“Picture of Subsidized Households in 1998”
• Family summary data by program, PHA, project, tract
• Provides socio-economic and housing data
• One of our most widely used publications
• Provides project geocodes to allow for other summarization
• Data can be viewed or downloaded:
“Housing Choice Voucher Location Patterns: Implications for
Participant and Neighborhood Welfare,” January 2003
• Detailed data on participants and neighborhoods
• Summary data on 50 most populous metro areas (MSAs),
and for center cities and suburbs of each area
• Provides both household- and tract-level analysis
• Also provides data for States and some PHAs
• Users can download most statistical tables as Excel files
Researcher Access to HUD Data
Assisted Housing Research Cadre
• HUD’s Contractor provides access to data
• Researcher file provided to cadre members, who work as
• Special tasks – eight are underway
• Supports policy-relevant research – good model for future
Researcher Access to HUD Data
“Democratizing data” – 1997 Federal Register Notice
• Researcher access to microdata files
• No unique identifiers – name, SSN, dob or address
• Research on housing and community development issues
• May not identify or have interest in individuals
• Data available for 1995-2003
• Some capability for longitudinal analysis
• Not publicized widely, but available to researchers
• Files are part of a Privacy Act system of records
• Templates available for organization and researchers
Useful URLs
Content of TRACS data; see especially the Monthly Activity
Transmission (MAT) and TRACS information packet:
Content of MTCS (PIC) data; see especially the 50058 form
and instruction booklets, and the technical reference guide:
Robert Gray
[email protected]
202-708-4504, x5732
Barbara Haley
[email protected]
202-708-5537, x5708