Organizing Supporting Details in Paragraphs

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Transcript Organizing Supporting Details in Paragraphs

Organizing Supporting
Details in Paragraphs
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Once you have written your catchy
topic sentence, its time to add some
supporting details to it.
Supporting details can include
 descriptions
 facts
 examples
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Supporting details are sentences that back up
what the topic sentence is saying.
A good paragraph may contain
• three supporting details
• each detail may be followed up with a
comment to further elaborate on your detail.
The more advanced your paragraph writing becomes, the
more extras you can add.
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Helpful Words for Ordering
your supporting details
Supporting sentences should all begin differently — using
a variety of vocabulary to specify word order. This is called
sentence variety.
All paragraphs should contain at least three supporting detail
sentences -- they can (but don't have to) start with (especially at
more advanced levels):
1. first, initially, in the beginning2. second, next, then3. last, finally,
in the end
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Topic Sentence: "My hometown is known for
several amazing and natural features."
Supporting Details: "First, Fort Lauderdale
is noted for its beautiful beaches.
Just west of town is the Florida
Everglades, a unique national park.
The third stunning feature is the
natural coral reef located just off
the coast."
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Even though not all 3 of the supporting details were
numbered, all the necessary ingredients were there:
• examples were about the three places in Fort Lauderdale
obeaches, the Everglades, and coral reefs
• facts were about their location in Fort Lauderdale
owest and off the coast
• descriptions were about each location:
obeautiful and unique
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Staying on Topic
• The supporting detail sentences should all refer back to the
topic sentence.
• They should not contain any extra, unnecessary information.
• Summarize the supporting detail sentences with a conclusion
like, "These three landmarks are magnificent and
make my hometown a famous place."
Keep your writing organized
so your readers don't get confused!
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The end.
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