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Keyboarding Skills
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We rely on computers in so many aspects of our lives.
Using a computer efficiently requires swiftly navigating
the keyboard.
So which is better?
• Hunting for keys with two fingers
• Learning typing skills that let you use a
keyboard quickly
You want to concentrate on your task, and not
on hunting around to find the right keys.
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Keyboarding skills are needed to:
• Write a book report or essay for school.
• Type answers when you take exams. (One fumble
could enter the wrong answer, and affect your grade!)
• Apply for jobs. (If there are a lot of errors, you might not
be taken seriously.)
It's important to learn the skills to
do these things well.
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A Word of Caution:
How Soon is Too Soon?
Keyboarding involves thinking and motor skills, namely
hand-eye coordination. It uses different brain centers than
writing with a pencil on paper.
Grades 4 or 5 are considered the best time to start.
At all ages, begin with two-letter or three-letter drills, and
work up gradually. This will make finger positioning into a
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The most important part of efficient
typing is learning the proper method
early on, before bad habits form!
• learn which fingers belong on which keys
• keep your thumbs on the space bar
• position your fingers on the home row
• feel for the raised lines on the F and J keys
when you are unsure (index fingers only!)
• keep both feet on the ground and your eyes
on the screen
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Learning good keyboarding skills makes
everything easier.
• You will work more quickly
• You will be able to concentrate on the
screen, and not on your fingers.
• You won't fumble on the keys and make
constant errors.
Proficiency Yields Efficiency!
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Practice is the best way to learn!
1. Print the keyboarding handouts we have
prepared for you and keep them nearby for
2. Select one of the games you'll see on the
page after closing this presentation, and have
fun "playing"...
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