The Goliad Massacre

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The Texas
Act 3
• Read each slide.
• In your journal write a brief summary in
“Chapter 4 – Texas Revolution”
• On a blank paper, draw a storyline (cartoon)
about the events in Act 3
The Convention of 1836
• While the Alamo was under siege, 59
delegates representing the people of Texas met
at the small town of Washington-on-theBrazos, about 150 miles NE of San Antonio.
• The group was called the Convention of
1836. Its task was to create a new
government for Texas.
The Convention of 1836
• When they heard that the Alamo
was under siege, many of the
delegates actually wanted to
leave to help their fellow Texans.
• Sam Houston convinced them
that their work at the Convention
was even more important.
The Declaration of Independence
• Santa Anna’s attack ended any thoughts of
peace with Mexico.
• The Convention appointed a committee to
write a Declaration of Independence.
• The head of the committee, George Childress,
hardly spoke to the other members.
• Instead he stayed up all night writing the
The Declaration of Independence
• Childress modeled the Texas Declaration on
the U.S. Declaration of Independence, written
by Thomas Jefferson.
• On March 2, he presented it to the
Convention, which approved it unanimously.
March 2 is still celebrated as Texas
Independence Day.
The Goliad Massacre
• When he invaded Texas, Santa Anna had
split his army in half.
• While he took half his troops to attack the
Alamo, the other half under General Urrea
moved along the coast.
The Goliad Massacre
• Urrea surprised a group of Col. Fannin’s men
who had been sent to Refugio.
• Many were killed; the survivors fled back to
• When Fannin learned what happened, he
abandoned the fort and began to retreat
towards Victoria, hoping to link up with other
Texans who had gathered there.
The Goliad Massacre
• A few hours from Goliad, Urrea caught up
with Fannin and his men on March 19,
• Unable to reach the cover of nearby trees, the
Texans initially fought off the Mexican
• However, with no water, ammunition
running low and Mexican reinforcements
arriving, Fannin surrendered on March 20.
The Goliad Massacre
• The Texans were marched back to Goliad. On
March 27, about 340 of them were marched
out and executed.
The Runaway Scrape
• News of the massacres at the Alamo and
Goliad terrified Texans.
• Entire towns fled east as Santa Anna’s
army approached. This episode became
known as the “Runaway Scrape.”
The Runaway Scrape
• News of the massacres at the Alamo and
Goliad terrified Texans. Entire towns fled
east as Santa Anna’s army approached.
• This episode became known as the “Runaway
The Battle of San Jacinto
• Near the end of April, Santa Anna learned that
the Texas government was in Harrisburg
(modern Houston).
• Wanting to end the war, he took 900 of his best
troops and marched south.
• He barely missed capturing the Texan leaders.
Meanwhile, Houston saw his chance to face the
Mexicans on more equal terms. He turned his
army south to pursue Santa Anna.
The Battle of San Jacinto
• The two armies met on April 21, 1836 on the
banks of Buffalo Bayou and the San Jacinto
• Houston’s army numbered about 900, Santa
Anna’s (after receiving reinforcements)
about 1,400.
The Battle of San Jacinto
• The Texans attacked late in the afternoon,
surprising the Mexicans. They yelled
“Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!”
Santa Anna’s army panicked and fled.
• Within 18 minutes, the battle was over. Over
800 Mexicans were killed or wounded; most
of the rest were captured (including Santa
Anna). The Texans had lost just 9 men.
• After his capture, Santa Anna was forced to
sign the Treaty of Velasco in exchange for
his life and freedom. There were actually 2
treaties: 1 public and 1 secret. In them,
• Mexico agreed to end the war and never
attack Texas again (both)
• The Mexican army would retreat south of Rio
Grande (public)
• Mexico would recognize Texas as a separate
nation (secret)
• The Rio Grande would be border between
Texas and Mexico (secret)
• Santa Anna would be free to return to Mexico
• Texas was now an independent country!