How to fill out an online standard recipe form

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Transcript How to fill out an online standard recipe form

Narrated by Michael Teune c.c.c.
Logging on
Choose “The Financial Menu”
Next you want to click the recipe
forms tab.
***Side note some of the yields can be found in this section***
Now you will want to Choose the
“standard recipe yield & Cost Form”
The Standard Recipe Form
and it’s tabs.
There are 3 tabs along the bottom
1. Is the production page
2. Is the Costing page
3. Is the page layout
Step one is to fill out the
Production Tab
It is very
important to
fill out all of
the yellow
areas as they
will be
to the next
The recipe and what you need!!
This is a recipe from your text book!!
Portion size description
Recipe units in #
Is the “D” Colum
Recipe units used
Is the “E” Colum
This is the Ingredient
Entered into the “A” Colum
This is where you will find the
Procedure to be entered into the
“F 11” box
Not on the sheet is the Yielded
Portions but can be figured out by
Dividing the Metric yield by the
Portions size.
What the first page should look like
when it is filled out.
You will notice
everything has
been filled out and
that if you were to
click onto the
costing tab all of
the information
that is required
has been
The average Labor
Cost is given to you
by the chef, and
production time
is how long it will
take you to make it.
Costing page
This is where you will
input The
As Purchased
The is where you will
Input the
As Purchased # of
Units with in the
This is where you will
Input the Convert
As Purchased units
As per the recipe
You will enter what the
chef has provided
It is normal to be around
Costing page completed
This is where you
Will enter the $ amount
You have paid for the
This is where you will
Enter the Yield %
If it is not know you can
find Some examples on
Presentation page
This is where you will
Describe the dish that is being
Prepared as well as a picture.
This will help each of your
Employees create the dish as
You have envisioned
Thank you
Happy Menu