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Electronic Staff Record

John Williams Head of Procurement Cath Cowley ESR Lead

Electronic Staff Record

Manager Self Service Empowering Innovating Transforming Employee Self Service


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Manager Self Service

Direct input of Termination/End Employment details Direct Input for employee Change of Hours Ability to track Trust property issued to employees Approve Employee’s Leave Requests Notifications for open ended sickness, professional registration expiry, fixed term contract expiry, employee leave request



 Manager ○ ○ ○ ○ Different way of working with better use of technology No paper trail therefore no missing forms Fully audited process Visibility of the process throughout by use of notifications ○ Extended deadline to 12 th of each month for submissions ○ Ownership of the process


Feedback from Managers

 ‘’I raised a termination of employment today on ESR and just wanted to feedback what a simple and effective process it was’’  ‘’…have used it for my staff as a manager since the start. It will save a lot of queries as we will have sight in a live environment..’’  ‘’..being able to view the absence calendar for the team will make authorising leave easier..’’


Employee Self Service

 Update Personal Details, including home address, equality information, telephone contact and emergency contact  View Payroll information, grade, hours etc.

 View Payslip and obtain copies  Amend Bank details  Request Annual Leave  Receive ESR Notification to advise when leave is approved, when professional registrations are due



 Employee ○ ○ ○ ○ Visibility of data stored on the ESR System Ability to ensure Personal information is up to date Clarity on leave balances Notifications to advise when leave has been approved, professional registrations due ○ Gives employees ownership of their information


Old New


Feedback from Employees

 ‘’Just booked my first leave through ESR and have to say how easy it is to use, really like the entitlement balance etc’’  ‘’I enjoyed the training very much.. I no longer dread the ESR subject’’  ‘’like being able to view my payslips on line and make changes to my personal information rather than submit a form not knowing if its been amended’’


Progress to Date

 Manager & Employee Self Service rollout to Corporate functions  Work on-going to rollout to Health Partnerships division with Bassetlaw directorate already well underway with training - anticipated going live across the whole division June/July 13  Work to commence within Local Services Aug 13  Work to commence within Forensic Services Jan 14


Future Considerations

   Recording of Appraisals Assignment/Ward/Team changes ESR Business Intelligence  Further information please contact  Cath Cowley, ESR Lead