Preparing your Path to success

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Transcript Preparing your Path to success

Unit 1
Think about the quote:
“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
-Robert Byrne – poet
What does it mean to have purpose in life?
Listen to the stories of Lucy and Rachel and
think about why each felt the way they did.
Why do you think Lucy is unhappy? What are
her strengths?
Why is Rachel happy with her work? What are
her strengths?
With a partner, list at least 5 of your career
Reputation or fame
Geographic location
Service to others
Title and position
Balance and peace in your life
Use of your strengths and abilities
Do you have realistic Career Expectations?
Get a post it note…write T and F on each note.
1.You must work in a career before you can
decide whether it’s the one for you?
2. Anyone can do any job as long as he or she
decides to do it.
3. The average person in the US spends more time
doing work activites than any other type of
4. Most careers in the future will require more
than a high school education.
5. The majority of people spend their adult lives
in the same career.
6. Just wait – the right job opportunity will come
your way.
7.Anyone who plans to work right out of high
school needs the same basic academic skills as
someone who plans to go to college.
8.If you go to a 2 year college, you must transfer
later to 4 year college.
9.The best way to get a job is through the
10. The number 1 reason people are fired from
jobs is that they do not learn quickly enough.
a paid position involving a specific place
and time and specific tasks set by an
employer – it usually satisfies an
immediate need like money or training
A group of related tasks that require
special training, education, or experience
to learn a specific set of skills
(example – engineer)
Describes a lifetime work history or longterm participation in a particular field of
expertise – usually based on what you
love to do and is usually lifelong
Career Clusters
All the possible careers in an entire field
are called a career cluster. All types of
employers can be classified into one of the
many clusters.
Having a good career plan means finding the
PATH that will lead you to a satisfying career.
PATH is an acronym which stands for the
Passions – the strong positive feelings you
experience while enjoying something
Attitude – the way you feel. Are you eager
and excited about the activity?
Talents – your natural strengths and abilities
Heart – what do you believe is important in
your life choices?
Homework Due Friday!
You will need to interview someone you know
who has a job/career. Come up with 15 interview
questions – find out as much as you can about
their job, how they got started, and if they
consider their position to be a job or a career?