Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework

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Transcript Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework

The Association of
Independent Schools of
New South Wales
Margery Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
10 September 2012
> Quality of teaching is the most significant in
school factor affecting student outcomes
> Better appraisal and feedback leading to targeted
development can improve teacher performance
 Australian teachers report they do not always get the
feedback they need to improve
 63% of teachers believe that appraisals of their work
are done purely to meet administrative requirements
OECD Reviews of evaluation and assessment in education: Australia, 2009
> How good is good enough?
> Good enough at what?
> Who should decide?
> How do you get better?
How well does your school answer these
Australian Teacher
Performance and Development
> A culture of performance and
> Performance and development
> Essential elements
> Importance of implementation
1. What is expected of me / what do I have to
2. How do I do it / what help are you giving
3. How did I go?
1. Documented, regularly reviewed, measurable
goals agreed with principal or delegate
2. Support in achieving goals including access to
professional learning
3. Multiple sources of evidence including data on
student outcomes, classroom observation,
teacher collaboration
4. Regular feedback including a formal annual
review with written and verbal feedback
Australian Charter
for the Professional Learning
of Teachers and School Leaders
> AITSL website
> The latest research
> Interviews with opinion leaders
> Videos of effective existing practice
> PowerPoint presentations
> Activities
> Stimulus cards
> Policy documents
What are the critical success factors in
implementing an effective Performance
and Development culture and cycle in
Australian schools?
... seeks to create a culture of
improvement, feedback and growth for all
teachers within all schools