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Common Core State Standards Parent Presentation December 2013

Teaching is the Core

A video produced by the New York State Education Department aching-is-the-core

How will the Common Core Standards be different?

• • • • Includes rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills Performance-based collaborative activities and assessments Integrated literacy across content areas including Science and Social Studies Stronger emphasis on informational text, research and media skills

Shifts in ELA Common Core Standards:

 Staircase of complexity design, the standards build upon each other  A combination of literary and informational texts  Integration of Social Science and Science content knowledge  3 types of writing: Informative/Explanatory, Narrative, and Opinion/Persuasive taught K-12  Emphasis on academic vocabulary

ELA Standards Organization

 Reading for Literature (10 standards)  Reading for Informational Text (10 standards)  Foundation (4 standards – K-5 only)  Writing (10 standards)  Language (6 standards)  Speaking and Listening (6 standards)

Text Complexity

 Ensure your child is reading in the appropriate Lexile range  Ensure they read a balance of fiction and non fiction texts  Appropriate Reading Lists by grade level:  pendix_B.pdf

 hers/books/non-fiction

      Focus-narrow and deepen the scope


connecting across grade levels Fluency-speed and accuracy

Deep understanding

Application of concepts

Dual Intensity -

practice and understand

Shifts in Common Core Math

There are two sets of standards in math:

Math Domain Standards by grade level

K-12 Mathematical Practice Standards

     

Counting and Cardinality (K only) Operations in Algebraic Thinking Number and Operations in Base Ten Measurement and Data Geometry Number and Operations Fractions (grades 3-5)

Math Domain Standards

Math Resources for Families

 Multiflyer is a space-age adventure where you accomplish missions and explore the galaxy by knowing your multiplication facts. The direct link to this game is:



. Created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this site helps families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging challenges.


. Math Playground provide resources by grade level and topis, including interactive resources for model drawing.

New Common Core Assessments

Who is creating them?

SMARTER-Balanced Assessment Consortium

Who else is using these tests?

Currently 24 states

What is the purpose?

To develop a comprehensive and innovative assessment system for grades 3-8 and grade 11 in English Language Arts and Mathematics aligned to the Common Core Standards so that students leave high school prepared for post secondary success in college or a career.

What will happen to CSTs?

These tests will replace CST, CMA, and STS. Hedenkamp students will take both the language arts and math CAL-MAPP field tests in grades 3-6 in the spring.

How will the MAPP tests be different than the CST?

 Summative assessments aligned to

College and Career Readiness Standards

 Computer adaptive  Administered during last 12 weeks of school year  Results will show achievement and growth  Question types: 1. Selected Response 2. Constructed Response 3. Extended Response 4. Performance –Based Tasks 5. Technology-Enhanced 6. Technology-Enabled

Grade 3 ELA Reading and Writing Performance Based Assessment Part 1 includes reading an article and watching a video then providing a constructed response to three questions to demonstrate comprehension

Part 2: Write an Opinion Essay using evidence from the video and article to support their opinion on the topic.

Rubric for proficient

Grade 5 Math Performance Task Event Takes place over several days Part 1

Grade 5 Math Performance Task Part 2

Grade 5 Math Performance Task Part 3

Grade 5 Math Performance Task Part 4

Grade 5 Math Performance Task Part 5

How can parents help support children with the ELA Common Core shifts?

       Provide more challenging texts and provide texts they WANT to read and can read comfortably Know what is grade level appropriate Read challenging text with them Show that challenging text is worth unpacking Read multiple books about the same topic Let your kids see you reading Talk to your children; Read to your children; Listen to your children; Sing with your children; Make up silly rhymes and word games with your children

How can parents help support children with the Math Common Core shifts?

    Notice whether your child REALLY knows why the answer is what it is Advocate for the TIME your child needs to learn key math Provide TIME for your child to work hard with math at home Get smarter in the math your child needs to know  