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Transcript Capitalization - Garnet Valley School District

When should we use a capital
The first words of a sentence.
 Writing is so time consuming.
The pronoun “I”
 Man, am I tired of seeing this mistake.
Proper nouns (the names of specific
people, places, organizations and
sometimes things)
 Garnet Valley School District
 Thomas Jefferson
 Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
 Federal Bureau of Investigation
 Indian Removal Act
Family relationships (when used as a
proper name)
 I went shopping for a birthday present for Aunt Sue.
 I went to tea with Mother.
The names of God, specific deities,
religious figures, and holy books
 the Bible
 the Koran
 Zeus
 God the Father
 EXCEPTION: do not capitalize the nonspecific use of the
 I worship one female god and one male god.
Titles proceeding names, but not titles
that follow names
 Dr. Acker
 Principal Penning
 Ms. Papa, principal
Directions that are names (North,
South, East, and West when used as
sections of the country, but not as
compass directions.
 The South lost the Civil War.
 Travel west and you will reach the Pacific Ocean.
The days of the week, the months of
the year, and holidays (but not the
seasons used generally)
 Flag Day
 April
 Tuesday
 Autumn
 EXCEPTION: Seasons are capitalized when used in a title
 Winter of 2015
The names of countries, nationalities
and specific languages
 German
 Germany
 French
 Cherokee
 Native American
The first word in a sentence that is a
direct quote
 “Success is not final, failure is into fatal: it is the courage to
continue that counts.” William Churchill
The major words in the titles of books,
articles, and songs but not short
prepositions or the articles “the,” “a,”
or “an,” if they are not the first word of
the title)
Members of national, political, racial,
social, civic, and athletic groups
 Republican Party
 Seminole Indians
Periods and events (but not century
 Jackson Era
 Jefferson Administration
 Great Depression
 McDonalds
 Wendy’s
 Chick-Fil-A
 Windows
Words and abbreviations of specific