Technical Support Team Meeting

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Transcript Technical Support Team Meeting

State Steering Support Team Meeting

May 1, 2012 Portland, OR 1

Welcome and Introductions Performance Measures and Evaluation: Susan Duron CIG Application Update • • • Technical Support Team Update: SOSY Pilot Process OSY Tip Sheets- Jessica Castaneda OSY Data Element Work Group Update- Ray Melecio and Barb Patch


• • • • • Product Development Bob Lynch and Brenda Pessin OSY Educational Outcomes Table- Erin Shea TOT Planning Report Emily Hoffman Dissemination Event Planning Committee Report- Brenda Pessin Budget 2

Update on SOSY Activities

• • • • • • • • SOSY Collaboration with Migrant Health- Alicia González, NCFH Technical Support Team meeting- April 11-12 3 sessions at NASDME SOSY OSY Tip Sheets OSY Educational Outcomes Table Curriculum development Presentations and Trainings TOT and Dissemination Event 3

Performance Measures

• • • • • 16,827 OSY identified and recruited 13,403 OSY served through instructional and/or supportive services 1,088 OSY enrolled in a program leading to high school graduation or a GED 2,844 OSY enrolled in a program leading to life management skills 1,302 OSY enrolled in a program to pursue identified career goals.


Strategies, Opportunities, and Services for Out-of-School Youth (SOSOSY)

CIG States: AL, CO, FL, ID, IL, KS KY, MD, MA, MN, MS, NE, NH, NJ , NY, NC, PA, SC, TN, VT, WI (21 States) Partners: AK, AR, CA, GA, MO, MT, WA 5

6+ Partner States


Organizing Framework


• • • Focuses on systems to serve migrant OSY and the MEP staff that support them Uses innovative technology across all aspects of the design including an enhanced website with hyperlinks, audio and video files, lessons, and resources Provides packaged materials, strategies, PD, TA, and services for state capacity building 7


• • • • • • •

There is little research or information on OSY.

What we do know: OSY not seeking diploma or GED Few credit accrual services for OSY OSY lack English proficiency Few services directed toward OSY Few instructional tools to meet OSY needs States experiencing increases in OSY OSY are highly mobile 8

Interstate Collaboration

• • • • Almost 60% of all States operating MEPs bring considerable resources to SOSOSY Work-focused Technical Support Team brings expertise and experience with OSY Partners: ALRC, Fort Scott CC, National HEP/ CAMP Assn, NCFH, National PASS Center Policy making State Steering Support Team includes 22 MEP Directors or their designee 9

• • •

Measurable Objectives

Professional Development

: 90% of staff will report an increased capacity to deliver SOSOSY services between baseline and the end of the project.


: 25% more services will be delivered between baseline and project end to OSY enrolled in programs leading to graduation and GED and/or services to meet identified education or career goals.


: 25% more OSY that participate in instructional services will demonstrate a 10% gain between pre- and post on a content-based assessment.



• • • Development of new

assessments and evaluation methods

for both WOSY and ROSY.

Use of

technology-based learning

through Skype, MP3 players w/apps, curriculum-loaded MP3 players, “virtual school” materials, I-PAD applications, etc.

Development and dissemination of


(e.g., updated website, successful/promising programs and practices briefs) at TOTs, 2-day SOSOSY event, on the website, at mtgs and conferences, and through the TST and SSST. 11

SOSOSY Products/Deliverables

• • • • • Tip sheets on OSY topics Power Points and handouts on OSY topics OSY lit review update Agricultural Trends newsletter Quarterly Newsletter • • • • • Topical booklets for OSY Needs assessment tools List of state/Federal resources for OSY Lessons/apps to work on multiple media Updated SOSOSY website 12

SOSOSY Products/Deliverables

(con’t) • • • • • Other assessments for OSY Audio enhancements to the health mini-lessons Pre GED-writing series TST Work Groups Plazas Comunitarias • • • • TA model with tiered system of support for OSY Training-of-trainers materials Lead on inter-CIG collaboration National dissemination event to distribute products 13

Performance Measures

• •


Decrease in the % of secondary-aged students who drop out of school Increase in the % of secondary-aged students who graduate from high school


Performance Measures

• • • • • • •


Increased % of staff reporting increased professional capacity to serve OSY Increased % of staff reporting that products and services were of value Larger % of OSY identified, enrolled in programs, and pursuing identified career goals 3 new materials developed and piloted Increased percentage of OSY meeting performance standards/goals Completion rating (Level 4) on 95% of FII activities Increased SEA capacity to serve OSY 15

SOSY Pilot of ID& R Materials

• • • • • ID&R Tips Sheet ID&R Field Recruiting Guide Agricultural Trends Newsletter Surveys will be sent in June Materials need to be piloted by August 16

Survey Monkey example

1. The tip sheet provides information that is useful for recruiters in the field.

2. The information provided in the tip sheet is current and accurate.

3. The tip sheet is written at a reading level appropriate to the target audience.

4. The format of the tip sheet is appealing and maintains the reader’s interest.

5. How do you rate the overall quality of the tip sheet?


Please provide your suggestions on how to improve the tip sheet.


Input on the Pilot Process

• • • The pilot should include 3-12 surveys on Survey Monkey that are completed per state Tool 1 (ID&R Tip Sheet), Tool 2 (ID&R Field Guide), Tool 3 (Newsletter) Respondents will be asked to check how many newsletters they reviewed, reaction to the aspects of the newsletter, what they liked, why, how they used it □ training □ general information □ shared w/colleagues or parents 18

Input on the Pilot Process

• • Check boxes for □ administrator, □ recruiter, □ instructional staff Check boxes for years of service □ < 1 year □ 1-2 years □ 3-5 years □ 6+ years 19

• • • • • •

OSY Literature Review and OSY Tip Sheets

Understanding adult learners with limited educational experiences or backgrounds Effective strategies for teaching basic reading and writing to non literate adults Research regarding second language acquisition and strategies to use this research for beginning, middle and advanced language learners.

Helping disengaged youth learners to re-engage in education- (this could include strategies of current programs that work with youth of this nature and what works for them) Health issues of at risk or drop out youth Helping at risk youth or drop out youth make career and educational goals 20

TST Meeting Updates and Reflection

• • • April 11-12, 2012 in Denver, CO Members were asked to refine and reflect on their work on the TST.

Input was sought to refine the group’s functioning for the future – Use technology for more participation for states with travel restrictions – Consistent membership – More transparency 21

Work Group Reports

• • • • • Curriculum and Material Development OSY Data Element Work Technical Assistance Training of Trainers Dissemination Event Planning Committee 22

Curriculum and Material Development Work Group

• • • • • • Bob Lynch (NPC), Brenda Pessin (IL), Kelsey Williams (ID), Lupe Ledesma (WA), Danielle Anderson-Thomas (NJ), and Dee Condon (NE) Legal Lessons Career Exploration Lessons Parent Lessons Reading on the Move Healthy House 23

OSY Data Element Work Group

• • • • Members: Ray Melecio (FL), John Farrell (KS), Barbie Patch (NH), Kiowa Rogers (NE), Jessica Castaneda (TN), Tim Thornton (KS), Kathleen Bibus (MN) Review OSY Profile and discuss the minimum required data elements and make recommendations to take to the SSST Discuss data collection and any possible recommendations Discuss OSY definitions and make recommendations to SSST Review surveys: Evaluations/pilots 24

OSY Profile Workgroup Recommendations

1) OSY Student Profile Form - Revise to Understands English (oral proficiency) & add Check boxes: □ yes □ no (Note: OSY self report) - How long is youth planning on being in the area? □ 0-3 months □ 4 or more months ADD BOX FOR I DON”T KNOW ADD - Delete: Based on information collected above, the youth is □ Here-to-work □ Recovery 25

OSY Tracking Form Recommended Revisions

- Under “Status”, delete HTW and DO columns on the far left - Revise the definitions, deleting HTW and Recovery 26


• • • SOSY-sponsored PD: Technical assistance, professional development event, or training activity performed by SOSY staff or designee, or by an SSST or TST member or designee that covers a SOSY-related topic.

OSY: Small group will be pulled together to examine this in more depth.

Pilot: Operationally defined for Year 2 of SOSY as the review and evaluation of a material produced through SOSY. 27

Other Recommendations

• • Share what constitutes “services” in the different states. Put together a template for states that describes what’s been effective, how they reach students, and how barriers are overcome. This would allow states to map their assets, be analytical, and learn from one another.

Susan Duron and Tracie Kalic will work on a draft template for states.


Technical Assistance Work Group Update

• • Members: Erin Shea (VT), Jorge Echegaray (FL), Margarita Colindres (CO), and Rosa Coronado (CA) Finalize the OSY Educational Outcomes Table and Introduction. The table provides various educational inputs, curriculum and resource examples to attain that states can use the service delivery examples provided or they can come up with their own.


Training Work Group Update

• Members: Emily Hoffman (MA), Sonja Williams (NC), TJ Sparling (NY), Lysandra Lopez-Medina (PA), and Claude Christian (KY) Training- Review current materials, develop trainer guides and develop timeline for remaining work – – – – – – Work on the introduction Work on training materials/hyperlinks Dates for PPT completion Pre/post assessments Outline for training (how will trainers model, what will this look like) TOT certificate design 30

Training Workgroup

• • Used information/materials from other workgroups Looking at all aspects of OSY programming • Program evaluation audience will be SEA administrators • 7 modules 1) Introduction to OSY, 2) ID&R of OSY (field-based recruiting), 3) cultural competency & professionalism, 4) advocacy and network, 5) data management, 6) curriculum, 7) goal setting/path ways (for OSY) 31

Dissemination Event Planning Committee

• • • • • Members: John Farrell (KS), Cindy Bartelsmeyer (FSCC), Jennifer Quick (FSCC), Tim Thornton (KS), Sonja Williams (NC), Jessica Castaneda (TN), Mary Lou Wells (ID), Kelsey Williams (ID), Kiowa Rogers (NE), Dee Condon (NE), Ray Melecio (FL), Jorge Echegary (FL), Brenda Pessin (IL), Bob Lynch (NPC) Potential topics Proposed strands Potential presenters Opening/Closing Keynotes OSY Panel with facilitator 32

• • • •

Dissemination Event Workgroup

Based on evaluations, lots of positive feedback so not • Dr. Alexa Posny as keynote speaker (virtually) a lot of changes to format 4 session breakouts for each session time • Opening session (welcome, Carol Gagliano., TK; keynote; revised website walkthrough) Opening session, 1 Breakout 2 sessions, social networking event • Have a contingency in case the technology doesn’t work (DVD of Alexa) Opening session, 1 breakout, closing session, • Closing session (student panel; Christine Chavez) debrief with SSST. Finishes at noon • Send information on a student for the panel to Tracie 33

Breakout Sessions

• • • • • • • • • • HTW and Recovery Emphasis on service delivery Living in America (orientation to curriculum and how to use it) ALRC audio enhancements & walkthrough curriculum Health lessons (ALRC, NCFH) Health collaboration Legal lessons (3 done) and legal services (Legal Assist.) Life Skills mini-lessons TOT Manual Technology/digital media (videos, cellphone photog & literacy, Skype GED, Google Chat—NH Barbie or Rachel + others) • • • • • • • • • ESL audio print materials Reading on the Move Math Pre-GED (NPC) and MOM, Math for Living 2 sessions on ID&R (Field-based recruiting guide) 2 sessions on the OSY Profile and the Educational Outcomes Tool Use of data, reporting requirements, alignment w/CSPR (Data workgroup) Program evaluation Assessment/evaluation (Erin & Kelsey) Sharing session of OSY promising practices 34

Dissemination Event (con’t)

• • • • Newcomer center for OSY (CO-Margarita Project READY) Plan on about 200 people Cultural competency session can be part of a general session Utilizing volunteers • • • • Timelines: Invitation to submit a proposal. Due back end of May.

August deadline for materials.

TK will have a sample template for PPT and people. Registration of $50 through July, $75 August, and $100? onsite 35

Reflection on Our Work

• • • Reflect back on the work in your state over the last year.

How has your state supported its OSY population? How have you supported the work of the SOSY in your state?


Dates to Remember

• • •

September 10-11, 2012 Training of Trainers September 12-13, 2012 Dissemination Event September 13: State Steering team will meet to debrief and plan.