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United Sweeping Company, Inc., is one of
the premium privately held janitorial provider –
where the principals actively manage the
United Sweeping Company, Inc
Janitorial Division
Bonded and Insured
At United Sweeping Company, Inc., we are
customer focused and customer driven. Our
business philosophy of local service, with
related capabilities, is the key to our success.
Let us put our janitorial/cleaning capabilities to
work for you.
We’re a “hands-on” company. Our leadership
team is responsible and accountable
for United Sweeping Company, Inc. integrity;
finally, we have a vision that is constant and
unwavering: To be our customers’ best vendor.
2501 E. Piedmont Rd
Suite 202
Marietta, GA 30062
Telephone: (770) 575-0887
e-mail: [email protected]
“United, the next level in commercial cleaning”
Over 25 years of experience
United Sweeping Company, Inc.
Bonded and Insured
Your one stop Cleaning Solution!
At United Sweeping Company Inc., our aim is to exceed
our customer’s expectations as the quality leader in
providing superior environmental cleaning services for
commercial, industrial, professional, and retail facilities.
Our Philosophy!
Is that no two business have identical needs, nor do they
warrant identical treatment. For that reason, we do not
begin a relationship with a solution. For us a more
logical method involves an examination, a diagnosis, a
plan of treatment, and only then a cure.
Our mission!
•Is to provide customized Janitorial Services
tailored to the needs of our clients...within
budget...on time...with an obsessive dedication to
getting it right for you - not just the first time - but
every time!
•This is who we are and how we operate. We’re
delivering on our commitment to drive excellence
into all that we do.
At United, our on-site cleaning specialists are
highly trained and motivated to exceed your
Deeds, however, are more eloquent than words. So we
make this offer: Let us visit your facility, learn about
your needs and give you our professional opinion – kind
of “facilities check-up” … free and at no obligation.
Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
Trash collection
Sweeping and mopping of floors
Complete floor maintenance
Clean reception area and foyer
Stairway and elevator cleaning
Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including sinks
Countertops, microwaves and refrigerators
Cleaning of light fixtures, baseboard all millwork
Trashing removal
Window cleaning
(We are not limited to the above)