Coping with Culture Shock (Handout)

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Transcript Coping with Culture Shock (Handout)

presented by
Kim Hays and Gail Trimpe Morrow
Student Counseling Services
 About Culture Shock
 U.S. Culture Tips / Observations
 Resources at Student Counseling
 Questions you hope we address?
What is Culture Shock
Feeling of disorientation experienced when
you are exposed to an unfamiliar culture,
way of life or attitudes.
Symptoms may include:
 Feeling Disoriented
 Confused or Anxious
 Sleep Difficulties
 Digestive Difficulties
What is Culture Shock
 Stress from not knowing what to
Developing a new perspective
 On yourself
 On others
 On the environment
Signs of Culture shock
 Stress that cues you rely on to guide your
behavior are gone!
 Your values are not valued by others
 Feelings of anxiety, depression, or hostility
 “Idealizing” how things were back home
Unfolding in Stages
Increasing Comfort
Unfolding in Stages
Honeymoon– curious and excited to learn
 Overwhelmed – Missing familiar cues to guide
behavior. Feeling inadequate, blaming self
 Reintegration - Begin picking up the new
cues! Feeling annoyed with new culture
Unfolding in Stages
Balancing - Beginning to see both the good and
bad in both your home culture and your new
Increasing Comfort - Feeling comfortable and
fluent in both cultures
Be patient with
Reach out to others
in the environment
Learn some things
about the culture:
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