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Culture is the way of life of a group of people
who share similar beliefs and customs.
Dialects- A local form of a language that may
have a distinct vocabulary and pronunciation
Major Religions
› Abraham
› Muhammad
› Unknown
› Jesus Christ
› Siddhartha Gautama
Stories about the challenges and successes
of a culture support certain values and
develop pride and unity:
EX: American History- Independence Day,
Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day,
Food, Clothing, Shelter that reflect the culture
and the physical surroundings.
Economic System—The method used to
answer three questions:
 1. What goods and services to produce
 2. How to produce them
 3. Who will receive them
Through music, painting, sculpture, dance
and literature, the arts can tell stories about
important figures and events in culture.
Types of Government:
› Democracy---Power is held by the people
› Dictatorship– The leader rules by force
› Monarchy----- a government led by a king or
queen by a ruling family
Civilizations—Highly developed cultures
› Cities, forming governments, founding religions ,
developing writing systems
Industrial and Agricultural Revolution
Advances in Communication
Cultural Diffusion—The Process of spreading
ideas, languages, or customs from one culture
to another
 Globalization—The development of a
worldwide culture with an independent