Using a Digital Camera in the Classroom

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Transcript Using a Digital Camera in the Classroom

Using a Digital Camera
in the Classroom
In the classroom
• Set pictures as screen savers or
slide shows on computers
• Put on video, cd or dvd for parents
• Print and post pictures of students
• Post pictures of kids working in
classroom centers to show what they
are supposed to do in them
Class Projects
Photo journal of field trips
Class newsletter illustrations
Photos for greeting cards
Photos of vocabulary items
Bulletin board photo journal of
classroom activities
More class projects
• Create personal or classroom alphabet
• Create a scrapbook of the student’s year – art, handwriting,
portrait photos, etc.
• Use pictures for concept illustrations (art, math, science)
• Make an art catalogue of student work for Open House
• Use still shots on video w/ music background for classroom
presentations, open house, video penpals, etc.
• Create a virtual tour of your classroom
• Make trading cards of students with pictures on one side
and information on the back (name, birthday, favorite
• Identify shapes of different objects
• Learn colors
• Find pictures that represent letters
of the alphabet
• Show classroom procedures in
• Display students of the week
Social Studies/History
• Illustrate family units, family
• Take pictures of micro communities you can see
from classroom window or school yard
• Create historical documents or website about the
• Have kids present reports on famous people
dressing like them and record the pictures along
with biographical information
• Create a community brochure
English/Language Arts
• Create an “About the Author” section of student
writing books
• Create “A day in the life” report on teachers,
students, or mentor
• Similes or Metaphors – Create a list of words
then take pictures around school that show how
the object is or is not like your word. (School is
like – picture of ant hill)
• Create their own stories with digital picture
English/Language Arts
• Use photo as a writing prompt
• Write letters to pen pals and insert
• Take pictures of angles in the
classroom or school yard (ex: take 5
pictures of acute angles, a collection
of odd-numbered things, objects
that are parallel/perpendicular, etc.)
• Create sequence stories (Ex: Acorn, sprout, sapling, mature
oak, decayed log) (Ex. Food chain)
• Show relationships (between two types of living things) in
the world. Determine whether they are parasites
(mosquitos/humans) or commensal (robins/trees)
• Decomposers in action – leave food out to mold and take
daily pictures
• Tracks or Traces – take pictures that show indirect
evidence of a population of something (bird nest, footprints,
cans etc.)
• Create an online field guide. Take pictures of live insects,
research & find out about their habitat, eating habits etc.
Publish guide on the internet
• Find examples of color, line, texture,
shape, form etc.
• Learn perspective by taking pictures
of an object from many different
points of view
Miscellaneous Ideas
• Take pictures of new students and post on
bulletin board or put on channel one
• Create “how to” videos for using technology
• Become an advertiser – create a commercial for
some aspect of the environment. Use camera to
create a series of slides to support your position
(anti-litter, against drugs, etc.)
• Compare environments – capture different
environments (media center, office, teachers
lounge, playground, locker room, classrooms.
Compare & discuss factors that make places
More Miscellaneous Ideas
• Cause and effect – Take two pictures & tell which
one is responsible for the other (people/garbage)
• Comfortable & Uncomfortable – Take pictures of
places where you are uncomfortable. Then change
your perspective (cat, bird, ant, etc.)
• Document growth of a classroom plant or pet
• Demonstrate a P.E. activity
• Give students a portion of a picture and have
them guess what the picture is of
• Make a photo seating chart for your substitutes
Fundraising Ideas
• Valentine pictures – take and sell
them to “sweethearts”, friends, etc.
• Create a video yearbook to sell to
students & parents