CRC - GRUBS planning workshop, Nov 08

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Transcript CRC - GRUBS planning workshop, Nov 08

Citizens’ Report
Carding – UN
Habitat/Maji na
Lake Victoria Region
and Zanzibar
Maji na Ufanisi (Water and Development)
Grubs Planning Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya
November 2008
• Maji na Ufanisi is a Kenyan Water and
Sanitation NGO which has been in existence
since 1997
• Programmes: Urban program and Small towns
and Rural Areas program
• The core purposes of the organization are:
 Facilitating delivery of Water and Environmental
Sanitation services in urban informal settlements and
S.T. & R.A’s
 Building and strengthening community institutions
 Research and advocacy for sustainable Water and
Environmnetal Sanitation services in Kenya and beyond
Maji na Ufanisi’s partners include;
UN family organizations
Private companies
Ministry of water
Water services regulators
Water utility companies
Citizens’ Report Card
• Monitoring tool to provide public agencies
with feedback from users of public
• Citizen-based
• Participatory
• Empowers
Current monitoring limitations
• Limited community involvement
• Most systems collect data that is
inappropriate for planning and policy
making in the sector
• Geo-referencing lacking
• There is no co-relation between levels of
service and performance of water service
• Monitoring information rarely trickle down
to local levels
Pilot implementation areas
Homa Bay and Kisii ( Kenya )
Masaka and Kyotera (Tanzania)
Muleba and Bukoba (Uganda)
Mutukula (Tanzania/Uganda border)
• Reliable data on current conditions of WATSAN
in the specified regions
• Database on service quality developed
• Disaggregated analysis tables (basic
frequencies, cross tabulations in terms of
gender, age)
• Usefulness of methodology demonstrated
• Comparison of service provision across towns
• Geo referenced information fed into data base
• Information made available in the public domain
Expected outcomes
• Feedback mechanism in place
• Basis for communities, civil societies and government to
engage in dialogue with service providers to improve
• Exposes existing gaps in services provision
• Improvements in investments
• Community empowerment (giving them voice to demand
for improved services)
• Service providers incentivized to give better services
• A system of bench marking service providers in place
(that enables good service coverage, quality service
delivery and accountability)
• Capacity to undertake Citizen report carding developed