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Gnibare Village
Burkina Faso
Gnibare Project Complete!
We are excited to report that the village of
Gnibare, Burkina Faso, has a newly restored,
fully functional well, supplying safe, clean
water for the community.
Most community member’s subsistence farm
or teach at the nearby school to earn a
living. The school is located one kilometer
away from the community whose students,
teachers and administrative personnel all
have access to the new, safe water source.
Gnibare Village
Burkina Faso
Use this link to see where Burkina Faso is on
the African continent. It is a landlocked
country fraught with many difficulties.
Living Water International
• LWI is based in Houston, Texas
• Implements participatory,
community-based water solutions in
developing countries.
• Since it started almost 20 years ago,
it has completed water projects for
7,000 communities in 26 countries.
• LWI trains and equips locals to
implement solutions and care for
their wells.
Burkina Faso
• Ranked 161st out of 169 countries
with comparable date in the United
Nations Human Development Index.
• Poverty is pervasive
• Recent challenges such as outbreaks
of meningitis, yellow fever, and
cholera, as well as civil conflict in
neighboring Côte d'Ivoire, have only
added to the extreme vulnerability of
the Burkinabe people.
Burkina Faso
• As a result of the lack of access to
clean water and basic sanitation
throughout the country, there is a
persistence of waterborne illnesses
like diarrhea and cholera.
• Most projects in the area are to
restore or refurbish wells that are
broken or in disrepair.
Burkina Faso…Workers
Notes from the Field…
• It was quite memorable to be
greeted by the church and village
leaders with dancing and singing as
we pulled into the village.
• As the women danced and sang, we
installed the new materials and
realized clean fresh water to quench
their thirst and meet their daily
The LWI Burkina Faso team had an opportunity to meet
with sixty-three year old community member and farmer,
Ziniyel Some, who stated, "We don't know how to thank
you. Because of you we have clean water to drink. Before
our women had to gather water where the animals drank
(above). It was dirty. Your work today has saved us
because we have clean water. We are very happy."
Gnibare Village Well
This is what the pump
looks like. There is a wall
around it to protect it from
damage and discourage
It will serve approximately
900 community members.
Kids Enjoy the Water
• You have changed many lives with
your generosity!
• SHEWS will continue its mission to
help those beyond these borders.
• Please come and participate in
SHEWS! See Mrs. Fynan in room 6.