Trashketball - Do Math Together

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1. Every Person in your group needs a sheet of paper,
a pencil, and a calculator.
2. Every Person in your group needs a letter, either T,
R, A, S, or H. Put that letter and your color at the
top of your paper (both sides).
3. Every Person will solve the problem on their own
paper(you may get help from the members in your
4. Only the person whose letter I call will come up and
show me their paper.
5. You get one point for a correct answer.
6. If correct, you can shoot for bonus points. 2 from
the two point line or 3 from the three point line.
A bisector of 𝑨𝑩 contains which line segment?
If ∆ABC is similar to ∆ADE, then AB: AD = ? : AE.
What replaces the “?” to make the statement
Answer: AC
Lines m and r are cut by a transversal.
What value of x will show that line m is
parallel to line r ?
In this figure, 𝒎∠𝟏 = (𝟏𝟓𝒙 − 𝟓)° and
𝒎∠𝟐 = (𝟏𝟎𝒙 + 𝟑𝟓)°.
What is 𝒎∠𝟏?
Answer: 115°
This figure represents line segments painted on a
parking lot to create parking spaces.
Which equation can be used to show that these
line segments are parallel?
118 −w = x
118 − x = w
x +118 =180
w +118 =180
Answer: D
What is the domain of the function
graphed below?
In the quadratic equation
𝒙𝟐 – 𝒙 + 𝒄 = 𝟎
𝑐 represents an unknown constant.
If 𝒙 = −𝟑 is one of the solutions to this
equation, what is the value of 𝑐?
Answer: -12
If (2k, k) and (3k, 4k) are two points on
the graph of a line and k is not equal to 0,
what is the slope of the line?
Answer: 3
Emma opened a checking account with her first
summer paycheck, which was in the amount of $90.
Each week she deposits $60 of her pay into the
account. The table shows the balance in the account,
b, after w weeks have passed. Write an equation that
describes the balance in the account.
Answer: y = 90 + 60w
The length of a rectangle is x + 4, and the
width is x – 3. Write an expression to
represent the perimeter of the rectangle.
Answer: 4x + 2