UCM Student & Graduate Assistant Employment

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Transcript UCM Student & Graduate Assistant Employment

UCM Student & Graduate Assistant
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Financial Management
Today’s Panelist
Phil Shreves – Student Financial Assistance
Betty Shaeffer – Student Financial Assistance
Joe Vaughn – Graduate Services and Extended Campus
Cheryl Trelow – Human Resources
Kim Marcum - Payroll Services
Tena Duncan – Payroll Services
I-9 Completion
Required by Law
Must be completed on day 1 by employee
Employer has 3 days to review the documents and
sign off (HR recommends all of this done on 1st day)
otherwise it gets forgotten
If there is a break in service a new I-9 must be
Who completes the I-9?
Students – Department Office Professional
Graduate Assistant – Graduate Office
Faculty, Staff, Temporary employees – Office of
Human Resources
If you have questions – call ext. 4255
UCM Payrolls
Semi-Monthly for All
Pay dates: 15th & last working day of month
One half month lag time for students
Hours worked the 1st-15th of each month are paid on the last working day of
the month. Hours worked on the 16th – 31st of each month are paid on the 15th
of the following month.
University & Work Study Employees must report hours in Banner Self-Service
or Kronos.
GA payments are divided equally each semester
Fall Semester: 1st payment Sept.15, last payment Jan. 15
Spring Semester: 1st payment Jan. 31, last payment May 31
IRC 3121(b)(10) exempts students and
graduate student employees from FICA &
MEDI withholdings if they are currently
enrolled and attending classes at the school,
college or university where they are
Students benefit in net earnings
Departments benefit with no FICA/MEDI
employer withholding matches
Minimum Wage
Current Missouri minimum wage is $6.65 per
Missouri’s minimum wage law requires the Director of the
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to determine on
September 30 of each year, any required adjustments to the minimum
wage earnings based on changes in the consumer price index (CPI).
The annual results determine if Missouri’s minimum wage shall be
increased or decreased on January 1 of successive years.
Current federal minimum wage is $5.85
July 24, 2008 = $6.55
July 24, 2009 = $7.25
Electronic Personnel Action Form
EPAF is an electronic version of the current
Student Job Assignment Form.
Employee job records/changes created in
Banner Self-Service
Predetermined approval queues
Applied directly to Banner database after
Payroll approval
EPAF roll-out to test departments this fall
Special Considerations for
International Students & GAs
Upon initial hire and annually thereafter, international
student employees must schedule an appointment in
Payroll Services. Using documentation provided by
the students, payroll determines if the employee is
eligible for tax treaty benefits.
Items needed:
- I-94 Form (Date of Entry)
- I-20 Form (Work Permit)
- Passport
- Social Security Card
Direct deposit is required for all student & GA employees and
remain in effect until cancelled or altered by the employee.
Student & GA earnings are exempt from FICA/MEDI only.
Earnings are subject to federal and state taxes.
Earnings statements are available on-line through Banner
Employee Self-Service.
Payroll Services – 543-4067
Ellen Sewell
Mary Stevens
Kim Marcum
Tena Duncan