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Completion of I-9
Employment Eligibility Verification U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
VHCC - June 2009
Current Version
 Use of the most recent version of the
form I-9 is required. The form in current
use is dated 02/02/09.
 Blank copies of any previous versions
should be destroyed.
 Current version of the form is available in
VHCC Payroll Office.
VHCC - June 2009
Basic Guidelines
 I-9 forms must be completed on all new hires
since November 6, 1986.
 I-9 must be on file entire period of employment
for each employee.
 I-9 files are to be maintained separately from
all other personnel/payroll files.
 If employment is terminated, I-9 is to be
destroyed one year after termination or three
years after hire date, whichever is later.
VHCC - June 2009
Completion of I-9
 The instructions for completing the I-9
must be made available during
completion of the form (instructions
available in Payroll Office).
 I-9 is to be completed, signed and dated
by employee prior to or on the first day of
work. All fields in Section 1 are to be
completed by new employee.
VHCC - June 2009
Completion of I-9
 Employer Review and Verification in
Section 2 must be completed before or
within 3 business days of hire date.
 Employer is required to examine one
document from List A OR one document
from List B and one from List C. No
More, No Less. Doing more can result
in being fined for discrimination.
VHCC - June 2009
Completion of I-9
 Employers CANNOT specify which documents
will be accepted. The employee may present
any unexpired documents listed on back of I-9
form. Employees must submit original
 Employers may, but are not required to,
photocopy documents presented. If
photocopies are made, they must be made for
all new hires.
VHCC - June 2009
Completion of I-9
 Employer must completely fill out
required information in Section 2 before
signing and dating.
 Includes: Document Title; Issuing
Authority; Document Number; Expiration
Date (if applicable); and Date
Employment Begins.
VHCC - June 2009
Completion of I-9
 If employee cannot present the
necessary documents within 3 days of
employment date (because documents
are lost, stolen or destroyed), he/she
must present a receipt for application for
the replacement document with 3 days of
hire. The employee then has 90 days
from date of hire to present the actual
VHCC - June 2009
Completion of I-9
 Use the first day of actual work as the
employment begin date in the
“Certification” section.
 Do NOT Back Date forms.
 Whoever sees the original documents
presented by the new employee should
sign the I-9 in Section 2.
VHCC - June 2009
Correcting Errors
 Draw a single line through incorrect
 Date and initial by person making
 Write missing information or correct
information nearby.
 DO NOT USE White Out or Obliterate
VHCC - June 2009
 Fine of not less than $110 and not more
than $1,100 for each employee for whom
the I-9 is not properly completed,
retained and/or made available for
 Fines up to $3,000 per employee and/or
6 months imprisonment for knowingly
hiring or continuing to employ
unauthorized aliens.
VHCC - June 2009
 Unlawful discrimination: $375-$16,000
 Document fraud: $375-$6,500 fine.
 In some cases, managers are being
charged with felonies.
VHCC - June 2009
 The VHCC Payroll Office is available to
provide any assistance needed in
completion of I-9 forms.
 Contact Dava Sweeney at 2520 (ADM
106) or Charlene Kirk at 2530 (ADM
VHCC - June 2009
Anti-Discrimination Notice
 It is illegal to discriminate against any
individual (other than an alien not
authorized to work in the United States)
in hiring, discharging, or recruiting or
referring for a fee because of that
individual’s national origin or citizenship
status. It is illegal to discriminate against
work-authorized individuals.
VHCC - June 2009