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10th Grade Registration
Let’s Pick your Classes
Placement in Math, Science,and English
Students will be placed in differentiated academic
courses: Remedial, Honors or standard classes based on
several factors:
1. Past grades.
2. Overall GPA.
3. Teacher Recommendation
4. Seat availability.
We want to offer support to all levels of learners and CHS
makes every effort to provide a variety of options for
Options for Language Arts
● Language Arts 10
● Language Arts 10 Honors- requirements:
A or B in Language Arts 8 and 3.5 overall GPA
● Language Arts 10 - Fundamental - By teacher
placement only.
Options for Science
Human Biology
Biology - Agricultural Science (not NCAA eligible)
Earth Systems Science
Options for Math
● Secondary Math 2
● Secondary Math 2 Honors: A in Math 1, A or B in Math 1
Honors upon student request.
● Secondary Math 2 S:doesn’t understand concept in
Math 1,but not failing. (not college prep)
● Secondary Math 1: Currently failing Math 1, retake Math
Required Classes for Sophomores
● World Civilizations .50 credit
● Health Education II .50 credit
● Fitness for Life .50 credit
Release Time- No credit is issued.
● Release Time Seminary
● Release Time Cedar Bible Institute
● Home Release (Counselor Permission Required)
Total number of credits should equal eight or seven if you
selected Release Time. You will need a total of 28 credits
and complete all required coursework to participate in
Cedar High School’s Graduation Ceremony.
CHS Graduation Requirements 28 Credits
# of Credits
Required Classes
Language Arts
Language Arts 9, 10,11, Elective*
Secondary Math I, II, III
Two must be in different disciplines
Social Science
.5 Geography for Life, .5 World Civilizations, 1 US History II, .5 Government, .5 Elective**
Information Tech
.5 Computer Tech, .5 Elective
Physical Education
.5 Participation Skills & Techniques, .5 Fitness for Life, .5 Health Education II, .5 Elective
Fine Arts
Career & Technical Education
Financial Literacy
A full year of Adult Roles/ Mathematics Personal Finance will also meet this requirement
Any credit issued from an accredited institution
*Language Arts Electives: Language Arts 12, Journalism, Yearbook, Business Communications I & II, Creative Writing, AP English & 3rd year
Foreign Language.
**Social Science Electives:Psychology, Sociology, Current Issues
Utah Scholars/Regent Scholarship Requirements
● 4 credits of English
● 4 credits of Progressive Math(At minimum Secondary
Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, and one class beyond Math 3)
● 3.5 credits of Social Science
● 3 credits of lab-based Science,specifically one of each
Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
● 2 progressive credits of the same World Language,
other than English, during grades 9-12
NCAA Clearinghouse
● 4 years of English
● 3 years of math (Secondary Math 1 or higher)
● 2 years of natural or physical science (including one year of lab science if
offered by your high school)
● 1 extra year of English, math, or natural or physical science
● 2 years of social science
● 4 years of extra core courses from any category above, or foreign
language,nondoctrinal/comparative religion/philosophy
If you have any questions, please meet with your counselor.
High School Grades
1. High school grades are important and every credit is necessary to
graduate. Taking rigorous courses and earning high grades will
directly affect YOUR college admission opportunities and future
scholarship funding.
2. Failed courses MUST be remediated at a cost of $40.00 per term
3. Eligibility to participate in all extracurricular activities at CHS
require students to maintain a 2.0 GPA and cannot receive more
than one F.
4. If you fall below those standards, you will not be eligible for that
Concurrent Enrollment for Sophomores
Concurrent enrollment credit can be received with approval for the following
● Woodworking (CE)(if taken for the whole year, requires a 2.75 GPA)
● Furniture Design & Manufacturing(CE)(requires a 2.75 GPA)