Earth Science Model Lesson

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Transcript Earth Science Model Lesson

Earth Science Model Lesson

Presented by Jeanie Shannon and Sarah Paslay

NC Essential Standard

• EEn.2.7.1 Explain how abiotic and biotic factors interact to create the various biomes in North Carolina.

Learning Target

• I can explain how abiotic and biotic factors interact to create the various biomes in North Carolina.

Criteria for Success

• • • • I will identify biotic and abiotic factors.

I will be able to differentiate the 6 major earth biomes.

I will be able to explain to which biome North Carolina belongs I will be able to explain why North Carolina belongs to that biome.


Bell ringer activity

• • • • Break the following sets of words down using the prefix/suffix lists provided. You may work together in groups of two or three to determine what the words mean Biosphere Biotic Biome Biodiversity Abiotic Deciduous

Graphic Organizer


• • • • • People Animals Plants Insects Birds


• • • • • • • Weather Latitude Altitude Water Soil Rocks Minerals uests/forest/forest.htm


Differentiated Instruction

• World Biome Brochure • Biome Children’s book ▫ Create a colorful brochure that includes the 6 major biomes including:       Temperature Rainfall Animals Plants Latitude Altitude ▫ Write a story about an animal going through at least 4 biomes to find the one it is adapted to live in. Rainforest, tundra, taiga, temperate deciduous forest, desert, grasslands ▫ Must be colored and include pictures **Extra points would be rewarded for this choice


Incorporating Technology and Common Core Standards • • • orest.htm Incorporates Vocabulary Worksheet focusing on NC biomes ▫ Answers must be written in sentence form and proper vocabulary included

Kinesthetic Learner

• • • Where does NC fit in? ▫ Discuss weather, altitude, animals, plants, latitude (refer to website from previous two days) Cookie lab ▫ using provided materials make a visual representation that would show that NC is a deciduous forest Could adapt this to your classroom using printed copies of blank NC maps