To begin, log into your (Parent Portal Account). (If you

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Transcript To begin, log into your (Parent Portal Account). (If you

Stonegate Elementary
Electronic Packet Instructions
TO BEGIN: Log into your (Parent Portal Account). (If you are new to the district, you will
receive an email from IUSD within 48 hours after your child is activated. Open the email which will
include a verification passcode and permanent ID number to set up your parent portal account. You will
need both to establish a parent portal in order to see your child’s report card, testing, attendance, etc.)
AFTER YOU LOG INTO YOUR My.IUSD Parent Portal Account, you will see the screen below.
Click on the yellow section “Click Here” to begin. If you have more than one child, you will need to complete the electronic packet for each child.
Click on the tab “Change Student” after you have completed the packet for one child in order to complete for other siblings.
Tab #1: Student Demographics:
Verify the information on file is correct.
Update any information as needed and click the change button.
Once changes are completed, please click “Save”.
Tab #2: Contacts:
 Make any necessary changes to each of your child’s emergency contacts.
 Change, delete, add contacts on this tab. Please remember to click on
change/save button after each update.
Tab #3: Documents: (Note: Disregard direction to click the box on right side-there is no
 Open and review each document. The last document will provide the link to
register on the PTA website where you can order spirit wear, yearbooks, and sign
permission slips for participation in school-wide PTA activities.
 If you wish to volunteer in the classroom, please print and fill out the
volunteer form. Submit to front office with a picture ID. You will be able to be in
the classroom two days after the paperwork is submitted.
Tab #4: Authorization and Prohibitions:
(Please read and review all 21 items (the screen below shows you a partial view.)
Click the box Allow/Accept or Deny/Decline when appropriate.
 A box for every item must be checked. Note: In order for your child to use the computers at
school, you must read and “Allow” the IUSD Technology Use Agreement” at the bottom of the
 At the bottom of the page in red, it reads *Response Required. Click on the box with the word
Save in order for this page to be complete.
Tab #5: Final Data Confirmation:
Please confirm that all information has been read and that you have completed the
process by checking each of the three boxes on the screen.
Click “Save”.
NOTE: The system will not allow you to perform the final data confirmation until all the
previous tabs have been checked. You will see a red message indicating you missed
Thank you for confirming the data for your student: ReReg (Student’s Name).
Having accurate information greatly helps the school maintain a healthy and safe learning
This email confirms that you have completed the data confirmation process.