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MyDC Web Portal
An Overview
What is a Web Portal?
• A web portal is a single, integrated point for
comprehensive and useful access to
information, people, and resources.
• It is a personalized and customized user
interface that provides access to information
both internal and external to Darton College.
• Users can access the portal at any time from
any place via the Internet, and obtain the
campus information and resources they depend
on daily.
MyDC Web Portal - Features
• “One-stop shopping” for:
MyDC and Darton (Exchange/Outlook) e-mail
Class Calendars
Banner Self-Service
Targeted Announcements
Club web pages and discussion groups
DC Classified ads
More than 400 news, information and
entertainment channels
How do I access MyDC?
• Lookup your DCid and PIN
• Your DCid is an account in the format of
• Your PIN is the same six-character value as your Banner
• Future Implementations
Your DCid and computer logon account will be the
same value (firstname.lastname)
• Logon to MyDC at
MyDC Logon and Terminology
MyDC E-mail vs. Darton E-mail
• Your MyDC e-mail inbox is not the same as your Darton
(Exchange) faculty/staff e-mail inbox.
• A common feature of web portals is an integrated e-mail system –
each user of MyDC (faculty/staff and students) will have a MyDC
e-mail account.
• MyDC e-mail is not designed to be a replacement for the existing
faculty/staff Exchange e-mail system.
• You may decide not to use your MyDC e-mail, but users of MyDC
may still send e-mail to your MyDC address. If you choose not to
use MyDC or check your MyDC inbox, you should setup e-mail
forwarding to your Darton e-mail inbox.
• Instructions for setting up forwarding have been provided in the
handout, or you can follow the instructions available under E-mail
> Options > Auto Forward.
MyDC E-mail
• Your MyDC e-mail is
available through the
e-mail channel on
the MyDC tab.
• Expand the view by
clicking the E-mail link
at the top of the
Access Darton e-mail via MyDC
• You can also access your Darton (Exchange) e-mail directly
through MyDC by clicking the Darton Mail tab. Logon is
MyDC – Targeted Announcements
• MyDC can be used to send announcements that are
targeted to specific audiences. There are two types
of targeted announcements.
• Campus Announcements – Sent to all MyDC users
• Personal Announcements – Sent to specific MyDC users (by
major, course, role, etc)
• Please contact OIT to request or send an announcement
Direct access to Banner Self-Service
• MyDC provides direct access to Banner SelfService without requiring you to logon again.
• Staff – Access via the Employee tab
• Faculty – Access via the Faculty-Banner tab, then
click the Academic Services link
• PIN Change
• All MyDC users change their PIN through Banner Self-Service
• Click Personal Information > Change Your PIN
MyDC – Groups
• MyDC allows you to communicate with your
friends and colleagues in an informal setting
through MyDC Groups.
• Click the Groups link to join or request a group
• Student club advisors can create and
customize a group page for their clubs and
• Faculty and staff can create groups based on
hobbies or common interest.
• The Grape Vine
MyDC – Channels
• MyDC
To add offers
channels to add to
• Click
the Content/Layout link
• News
• ESPN Sports channels
• Newspapers – USA Today, The Washington Post,
Albany Herald
• Magazines – National Geographic, Wired News,
TIME, PC Magazine
• Many, many more!
MyDC – DC Classifieds
• DC Classifieds is a channel you can use to buy, sell, and trade
your goods and services.
• You should use DC Classifieds to reach your intended
audience rather than using MyDC or Darton e-mail.
• DC Classifieds is available under the Employee tab, or you can
add it to any other tab by clicking the Content/Layout link
MyDC – Help and Support
• Support for MyDC and other Darton resources
is available via the Support tab
• Many channels and links in MyDC provide
content-specific help, such as the Manage
Content/Layout link shown below
MyDC – Questions?