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Welcome to
(insert course
(customize with
instructor/course/section #)
Pointing Students in the Right Direction!
You will be assigned work from Foliotek, which includes:
– Formative assessment and summative assessment
– Assessment portfolio, scrapbook portfolio (file repository) and a
presentation portfolio
– Faculty reviews, student portfolios, institutional portfolio,
education data centers and student information
Where to Buy Your Required Course Materials
 Foliotek is available bundled with your textbook for a valuable savings at
the bookstore.
Signing into Foliotek
Go to
Click “Register”
(After first time, use “Sign In”)
Signing into Foliotek
Step 1: Enter access code from
the Printed Access Card that
accompanied your text.
Step 2: Fill out account information and click “I agree” to License Agreement
Managing Foliotek
Click on the “Manage Communities” to view communities created or managed
Creating a Portfolio in Foliotek
Click on the “Create a Portfolio” to create your various,
customizable portfolios!
Sharing Portfolios in Foliotek
The Community Share option can be accessed in the ‘sharing’ or
‘community’ drop downs (options - opened or restricted)
Adding Files in Foliotek
Adding Files – click on
‘Files’ tab and then
orange ‘Add Files’
button to the left of the
To add files that are on
your computer, choose
“My Computer”, click
“Choose files”
Reviewing and Discussing Portfolios
• You can read what
comments have been made
by clicking on the username
in the top right corner and
then clicking on 'Feedback'
in the dropdown.
• You will then be able to
manage your feedback from
this screen. This screen
allows you to mark the
feedback as 'read' or
remove them from your