Transcript Document

To Provide Input to and Approval of
the Single Plan for Student Achievement
School Site Council (SSC) members include Principal,
elected School Staff representatives, elected Parent
representatives, students (secondary); PARITY
A Decision-making BODY to plan, monitor, and
for School Programs/Plan
Elected by peer group for a
TWO year term
Meetings held ten times each
year at the School site (By-laws)
Give APPROVAL to Single Plan
for Student Achievement through
voting process and simple
quorum (51%) of members
Chairperson facilitates meetings and
follows parliamentary procedures to
conduct business on the AGENDA
Vice-Chairperson presides
in absence of Chairperson
Secretary accurately records all
meeting minutes – proceedings,
activities, motions, and actions
Members attend and actively participate in ENERGETIC
all meetings, serve the full elected term,
maintain knowledge of school programs and
plan, and act as advocates for the school site.
District Advisory Committee (DAC) Representative
attends all District meetings and reports back to SSC
Decorum – Conduct during a Meeting
 Courtesy
 Active Listening
 Focus Comments on Topics
 Accepting Differences in Opinion
Robert’s Rules of Order
General Henry M. Robert
a set of rules for conduct at meetings
that allows everyone to be heard and to
make decisions without confusion
Parliamentary Procedure
Call to Order
Roll Call
Reading the Minutes
Approval of the Minutes
Old Business
a Report of standing committees
b Action on the report
c Other old business
6. New Business
7. Announcements
8. Adjournment
All SSC Documents (Agendas, Minutes,
Election Process) kept on file for 5 years
All ACTION taken by Council completed
through MOTIONS
“I MOVE that”
“I SECOND the motion”
“Is there any DISCUSSION?”
“All those in favor, say, ‘AYE’”
“All those opposed, san, ‘NO’”
SSC Training, Parliamentary Procedure
Title I, School-Based Coordinated Programs (SBCP),
Title V, Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance Programs
Guest Speakers from District Office/Community
Standards, Curriculum, Testing, Report Cards
Policies, Budgets, Bylaws
ELL Programs and funding
Parent Involvement
Single Plan for Student Achievement – input, budget, approval
Clear Membership Roles
Supportive Environment
Formal Agenda and Accurate Minutes
Shared Responsibility
Two-way Communication
Total Involvement
Open to Public
Arrive and Begin on Time
72 Hour Meeting Notice
Date, Time, Place, Agenda
Council Action ONLY on Agenda items
unless unanimous vote on immediate need
Information available to the public upon request
The Greene Act