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Disney & Fairytales

All SARs are alike

 You need:     Thesis Evidence Evidence Insight  BUT! In a crossover OER, you aren’t just getting those for and/or from ONE reading passage, but TWO.

So how is it done?

 Well the part of your thesis that comes from your brain must address both passages that are addressed in the question.

 Then, your evidence needs to support BOTH passages.  Essentially you’ll have one evidence sentence for each passage – instead of two.

 Your insight will need to tie both together.

Okay, that’s fine and dandy but that doesn’t mean much without an…   Example: Explain how the themes of Toy Story and Finding Nemo are similar. Use evidence from the movies to support your answer.

 Let’s take two popular Disney movies and discuss their common themes   Toy Story Finding Nemo -Sometimes in relationships, people with conflicting motivations have to learn to use conflicts to grow relationships.

-You need determination to achieve goals.

-Love makes us go to great lengths.


 Now what elements of those movies help us see this theme?

 Let’s put it in our own words  Why?


 How is this important?

 Without this, what would happen?

 What have we learned?

 Pick the answer you like best.

Now let’s put this together

 What is our thesis?

 How can we combine our evidence with our “why?”  Which insight best ties BOTH stories together?