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Ms. Mpakarakes 6 th Grade Reading and Writing

What’s on the NJ ASK Language Arts Literacy Test?

Two days of L.A. assessment • • • Reading passages Multiple-choice questions Open-ended questions

Reading Passages

• • Identify the type of piece: narrative, persuasive, explanatory, speculative Identify the piece (fiction or nonfiction) • • • What is the author’s purpose?

Identify the main idea Determine a connection between the passages to identify the thesis and theme

Reading Passages Cont’d…

• Title + Pictures + All paragraphs =

Main idea and author’s purpose

Writing Open-Ended Responses

R = Restate the question A = Answer the question Provide supporting details Include specific information from the reading selection C= Cite evidence (use text quotes) E= Extend (link beyond what is asked or offer a deeper insight)

Open-Ended Responses Cont’d…

• To shoot higher, take risks in writing by using:  Dialogue  Figurative language  Transitional expressions  Anecdotes  Insight

Open-Ended Responses Cont’d…

• Any open-ended question with, “ in your opinion ” do you think ” or “ is code. It means you need to show your what thoughts about the text; still using lots of text in response. Use insight, but explain how the text lead you to the insight.

• Remember the objective of an open ended is always the same Prove you understood what you read. Do that by: – – – Using as many of the main ideas as possible in your response Put the author’s idea in your own words Refer back to the text often

Tips Cont’d…

• Use the prompt as a SPELL CHECK  There ’ s no reason to misspell any of the words you have in front of you.

Multiple Choice Questions

• Reread the question and all answers •

It’s not a guessing game

 Use process of elimination to select one of the remaining answers.

• 

Don’t get stuck on questions

Don’t spend too much time on any one question.

 Work on the easier questions first, then go back to the harder ones

Tips Cont’d…

Context Clues

 Use the surrounding words or sentences to come up with a definition  Underline words that you already know in the sentences.

Finished early?

• • Accuracy counts so make sure that you record your answers in the correct space on the answer sheet Fixing mistakes later wastes time • Use time wisely and double-check answers  Use ALL of the time 

Revise it! Improve it! Proof it!