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Ken Black
Independent Adviser, Inclusive Physical
Activity & Disability Sport
Founding Director, The Inclusion Club
TOP Sportsability
Online inclusive activities resource
• Physical activity options for young people who
have significant impairments
• A basic introduction to inclusion in wide range of
• A vehicle for the integration of disabled and nondisabled young people
School Games inclusion
What are you doing now?
What have you tried?
School Games inclusion
What are we talking about?
• Appropriate
• Meaningful
• Choice
School Games inclusion
Ways of including
Total inclusion
Real integration
School Games inclusion
• A structure for competition
• Minimises the effect of the impairment on the
outcome of the competition.
• Accepted feature of modern sport.
• Works best when sports-specific
TOP Sportsability
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Note: ‘Using the resource’ video in the User Manual explains
how to navigate the resource.
Ken Black
[email protected]
The Inclusion Club